Morning Brew – Monday, October 18: Mia Kirshner was bullied, but now plays a vampire queen in “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Christina Aguilera is upset that her husband’s friends (allegedly) leaked the information on her lesbian trysts to the media. Says “a source from the singer’s camp”:

Christina thought everything was going to stay on the high road, to make this as painless for [the couple’s son] Max as possible. But now it looks like the gloves are coming off.

Note there was no denial of said trysts.

Mia Kirshner wrote on bullying for The Huffington Post, describing her own painful history with mean girls. The worst part was she let it get to her, enough to make her want to hurt herself in third grade.

Speaking of Mia, here’s the trailer of her playing a vampire queen in the new 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, now available on DVD.


Who’s scared now, bullies?

On last night’s season finale of Mad Men, lesbian Joyce found a pretty young thing named Carolyn Jones (“like Morticia”) and brought her into Peggy’s office. Carolyn was played by former America’s Next Top Model contestant Cassandra Jean, and she explains that she had been fired from her modeling job at Topaz Pantyhose that morning. She was looking to Peggy for some work, and obviously Joyce was hoping to help her out. They met when Joyce found Carolyn having a breakdown at “the Howard Johnsons.” Here’s hoping Joyce returns next season.

The first couple reviews of Portia de Rossi Degeneres‘ memoir are out, and they are so far, so good. We’ll have our own review of Unbearable Lightness for you this week.

Abi Titmuss (yes, that’s her real name) is a TV star in England, but she’s currently playing a lesbian in the stage play Paradise Lost. Cue the preview photos!

Personally I find them a little awkward. Ladies, once more with feeling!

Archie Panjabi told that we’ll definitely get some answers on Kalinda’s sexuality this season, around the time Lili Taylor plays a friend from the past.

I think the show confirms it, or gives you a better idea in about four or five episodes. There is a feeling that she is interested in both. I think they just wanted it to be a bit of fun because the audience is mystified by her. Everybody is dying to get an answer to that question, and in time they will.

If it’s something like Lily screaming “You only have sex with women to get what you want!” I need to decide if I’m OK with that. I have until November.

Writer Candace Walsh contributed a piece in this month’s Equally Wed magazine about how social media has changed gay wedding planning. She writes about your family ignoring your wedding invitation, but having the time to write about what they ate on Facebook::

We can’t hide our lives from others when we’re on Facebook. Haven’t we hidden enough? According to a 2009 Gallup poll, straight people who don’t know gay people personally are way more likely to be opposed to gay marriage. Those who know gay people are more evenly split: 49 percent feel gay marriages should be legally valid, and 47 percent think they should not be. So while it might feel uncomfortable to notice a lack of enthusiasm by family in your engagement, you may be swaying members of your high school and college diaspora in swing states which could make gay marriage a reality across the country. So Aunt Mabel doesn’t approve. Big whoop.

I never liked Aunt Mabel anyway.

Last week a 15-year-old lesbian was suspended by her Texas high school for wearing a shirt proclaiming her gayness and support for other gays. Here’s a video from her local news.


Sommer Collins, we salute you.

I also salute Lady Sovereign for her Tweet this a.m.


Former View co-host Rosie O’Donnell is defending Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg‘s decision to walk off the set last week when Bill O’Reilly was making offensive comments about 9/11. On Rosie Radio, she asked why they even booked him in the first place, though, saying, “What does he do besides that? That’s what Bill O’Reilly does.” Well it created some buzz, which is something The View is going to likely try and keep up with the premiere of The Talk happening today.

And besides The Talk, here’s what’s on TV today: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Meredith Baxter on Family Ties re-runs (every weeknight at 8 and 8:30 p.m. on The Hub), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight), Thintervention with Jackie Warner (Bravo 10 p.m.) and But I’m a Cheerleader (Flix 11:35 p.m.). Thanks Roni!

We’ll have a ton of more stuff for you today, per usual, so come back soon!