Styled Out: FiTTidTomBoi wants you to express yourself

Have you guys heard of FiTTiDTomBoi? There have been a number of more andro/butch focused blogs, lines and websites springing up over the past year, and the latest was brought to my attention by the one and only Trish Bendix. We both did a double take and it took me a minute to figure out exactly what it’s all about, but the dissection is worth it, folks. It’s like some kind of magical one stop shop for Bois!

It looks like if you become a member you can have mega access to it all, but the tagline pretty much explains it all: “Fashion. Expression. Recreation.” Sounds about right to me.

Can’t get enough of butch-ish related posts from me? Why, thank you. I like this new site because they post more frequently than I’m able and give excellent ensemble advice. Also, they feature lesbian-owned companies like Starr Studded Clothing.

If you lean more towards the feminine side of things (or would love some photographic inspiration), the photo area of FTB does not disappoint. It’s easy on the eyes for sure and a real life documentation of the awesomeness that our community possesses. Think street fashion captured via the interweb. They couldn’t be anymore in the know.

Would you be into joining FiTTidTomBoi?