Morning Brew – Monday, October 25: Kate Moennig hits on Deb on “Dexter,” “The Runaways” movie is halted

Good morning!

Kate Moennig made her appearance on Dexter last night, and it was all too brief. Kate played Michael Angelo, a tattoo artist Deb and Masuka payed a visit to in hopes of finding out some information on a suspect’s tattoo. Here’s how it went down:

Michael likes meeting Deb

Michael tries to help Deb

Michael tells Deb to come back anytime

They share a hand-in-hand moment

Unfortunately, Deb tells Masuka never to mention it again, and Michael just looks like a predatory lesbian. So, the usual. I swear Showtime was like “Hmm, we need a sure-of-herself lesbian for this part — hey, what’s that Shane girl up to?”

The trailer for the new episode of Girl/Girl Scene, which we’ll have for you in November.

I know, November is a long time away. Try to hold on!

Jillian Michaels is getting very sweaty for

The film adaptation of the comic book series The Runaways has been put on hold. According to Deadline, Marvel has too many projects underway right now that they decided to put this one (which has a lesbian character) on the backburner. It was already taking too long, so this is just even worse news. Sigh. (Thanks Tea&Toast!)

Tonight in Manila, Ella Chen plays a “lesbian in disguise” on the TV romantic comedy Down with Love. Apparently her character, Malou, must pretend to be gay in order to “be able to pay the debts her father has left them.” Someone please watch this and explain how her being a lesbian is part of this.

On a recent episode of Children’s Hospital, Malin Akerman and Zandy Hartig felt the heat in the hallway.

The show is pretty funny, but I really enjoy that they have the females all falling for each other. This is the second lesbian pairing on the show.

Rachel Maddow is smart, well-spoken and incredibly good at her job, but she also appears to be a fabulous partner. In an interview with Feministing, she answered the “desert island” question (“You’re allowed to take one food, one drink and one feminist”) like this:

The feminist is easy: I’d take my girlfriend. I would be useless on a desert island. If bringing me is because you would like to survive on the island, I am a bad choice, because I am useless. Susan, however, my partner, is great. She’s totally MacGuyver. She can make a nuclear bomb out of a match and a palm frond. I would bring some sort of mezze platter, because I would love to have a lot of different things so I would not get bored. And for drink, I would bring scotch, but that wouldn’t be fair because Susan doesn’t like scotch. So I’d bring Cuban rum – we both like that.

Lucky woman, that Susan! I love that Feministing told Rachel, “I should let you know that many people who I’ve interviewed have said that they would take you to the desert island.” I believe it.

Nigerian singer Essence gave an interview where she answered how she handles rumors that she is a lesbian.

I handed it over to God because He alone knows everything. My family and friends stood solidly behind me during the period. This is because they know I am not into lesbianism. My boyfriend also knows that. Lesbianism is like a taboo; it is nasty and dirty, so I will never do such a thing. Before the rumour, there were threats. My parents sensed that something was going to happen; so, we prayed that God should give us the strength to go through whatever might happen.

Nasty and dirty? Me thinks she doth protest too much.

Kiwi lesbian singer Anika Moa is not interested in becoming a huge star if it means coming to the United States. She tells Stuff:

I could have gone to America and toured my ass off but that wasn’t my path. It’s boring over there, there was nothing I could connect to. It was, oh here’s another massive plate of gross yuck food, another smiley American yelling at me “Hey, let’s do drugs,” another limousine picking me up. I don’t need a frickin’ limousine.”

Anika, we have lots of small plate options here. Ever heard of tapas?

Bad news first: Blythe Danner is too busy to return as one of Peter Fascinelli‘s lesbian moms on Nurse Jackie.

The good news: Judith Light will step in so the lesbian representation can continue on. I’m sure Swoosie Kurtz is OK with that switch. Both women would be an ideal life partner, if you ask me.

The Veronicas are part of a new Aussie campaign for gay equality called Wear it With Pride. On the campaign’s site, they explain why they posed for the ads:

We live our lives in the spotlight, and Jess in particular has copped a lot of flack for being open with her sexuality. We’ve also seen a lot of our friends deal with narrow-mindedness in their lives, and have admired how they have never let it stop them expressing who they are.

Good on ya, Veronicas!

Today on TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), lesbian couples on Bringing Home Baby (Discovery Health 12 p.m.) and Say Yes to the Dress (TLC 5 p.m.), Cynthia Nixon on The Big C (Showtime 10:30 p.m.) , Thintervention with Jackie Warner (Bravo 10 p.m.) and Rachel Maddow narrates The Assassination of Dr. Tiller (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight). (Thanks Roni!)