New Music Tuesday: 10-26-2010

Happy new music day everybody! The weather in Chicago is ridiculous today and my animals are not happy about it. Anyone know a great way to get cat and dog barf stains out? Seriously, the wind is blowing things over (including me), the tennis courts along the lakefront are flooded and my hair is a mess. I should’ve just stayed in bed all day. Instead, I powered through all for you guys. Do you see how much I love you?

WarpaintThe Fool (Rough Trade)

Today’s top spot goes to the debut album from some ladies who blew me away at Lollapalooza this summer. While their live show was so full of energy, their album is actually pretty mellow. This might be a bummer for some people, I love their melancholic California sound regardless of the tempo they’re playing it at. Not only are the girls from Warpaint talented, they’re also easy on the eyes.

Taylor SwiftSpeak Now (Big Machine Records)

I’m not a fan of Taylor’s live performances but all in all I think she’s cute and I’ve even been known to sing along to a song or two of hers when they pop up on my car radio.

Tucker FinnThe Cup And The Lip (Jane Wayne Records)

She’s folky, she’s rocky, she’s got a bit of a speak-sing thing going on and, quite frankly, I’m intrigued by Tucker Finn. Each of her songs seem like samples of familiar tunes but are incredibly unique at the same time. This is definitely an album to take for a test drive.

Lauren PritchardWasted in Jackson (Spilt Milk Records)

Listening to Pritchard’s smoky voice is like getting an unexpected eyeful of silk negligee peaking through your crush’s skirt and I just can’t stand the excitement. The Tennessee native oozes sex appeal, which is probably why she was cast as one of the original stars in the New York production of Spring Awakening. You can actually hear the “musical” vibe in her refrains – but, overall, this is a bluesy sex explosion.

Elizabeth and the CatapultThe Other Side of Zero (The Verve Music Group)

This is an utterly enjoyable bit of indie pop rock that reminds me of a mix of Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple (weird combo, I know, but please check out her song, “Julian Darling” and tell me I’m wrong). Actually, she’s kind of a one-woman Lilith Fair that sometimes sounds like she’s rocking a duet with Jakob Dylan.

Honorable Mentions: The Octopus Project, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Jeff Beck, Atlantic/Pacific, Brian Ferry, Hed P.E., Mark Salling (Puck from Glee) and Avey Tare (from Animal Collective).