Morning Brew – Wednesday, October 27: Lesbian action in “Jolene,” Anna Silk returns to “Being Erica” as Erica’s ex-girlfriend

Happy Hump Day!

The new movie Jolene follows a red-headed girl (played by Jessica Chastain) with a talent for art as she’s placed in several different foster homes. Eventually she gets married and has an affair, becoming addicted to sex and having lots of it. After separating from her husband, she meets “a lesbian matron,” (played by Frances Fisher) who “introduces her to new sexual adventures,” according to The New York Observer. Apparently things don’t work out between them, despite the fact she “adjusts quickly” when she’s with the woman.

This seems to be bordering on creepy, but I could be wrong. Please let me be wrong.

Cynthia Nixon continued on her media tour of being fierce by going on The Joy Behar Show last night.


So now you must forgive her for Sex and the City 2.

The new season of Being Erica starts tonight on the CBC, and there is definitely a reason to watch: Erica’s college girlfriend, Cassidy, will make a return.

Anna Silk plays Cassidy, but she’s currently got her own hit show called Lost Girl, where she plays a bisexual succubus, so who knows how and when she’ll show up on Being Erica.

Erin Karpluk plays Erica, and told the Calgary Herald:

There’s twinkies, there’s transvestites, there’s drag queens, there’s bears. It’s visually stunning. There’s a three-foot ice penis sculpture in it. The crew had a gas filming it. There’s sexual fantasies, people trying things for the first time. It’s a sexual episode. . . . All the things that we kind of secretly desire or fantasize about, we play it out in the open. And it’s fun and quirky and sad and touching and awkward, awkward, awkward.

The fans, God love them, they want Dr. Tom and Erica together, they want Kai back, they want Adam and Erica together. They want Cassidy and Erica together. They just want Erica hooking up. And she needs to hook up this season. It’s been a bit of a dry spell for her.

Those Cassidy and Erica people? Yeah, that’s us. Right here!

Some people are bound to twist Portia DeGeneres‘ words like so: “Being a lesbian gave me anorexia.” Actually, if you read her book, you’ll see she struggled with an eating disorder and coming out publicly but one didn’t give her the other. Read our review of the memoir, Unbearable Lightness, later today.

It probably doesn’t surprise you that Rachel Maddow knows her way around a tie.


Check out this video of Anyone But Me and Vencie stars as they pay a visit to the Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York City.


On the previews for next week’s Good Wife, we get a look at Lili Taylor with her arm around Kalinda, telling her “Don’t worry — I didn’t tell your secrets.”

Hmm that’s either a dark shot because they are somewhere romantic or somewhere secretive.

Not only does Constance McMillen have a new movie being made about her botched prom experience last year, but now she’s getting $81,000 in legal fees paid to her by her school district. Boo ya!

Speaking of Constance, she joins some friends in this new message from GetEQUAL.


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