Morning Brew – Thursday, October 28: The Game doesn’t like gay men but Ellen is OK, Nicole Richie writes about a sassy lesbian

Hi guys and dolls.

First, it was 50 Cent. Now it’s The Game perpetuating the stereotype that rappers are homophobic. After writing an initial Tweet asking how gay men can let another man, uh, have sex with them, he wrote this:

Great, so glad to know that we’re OK with you, but not our gay brothers. Get over it, homophobe. I hope you lose all your gay followers, if you ever had any.

Some more ridiculousness: Michelle Hayden has joined her high school football team in Edmonton, which means she’s fielding ridiculous statements from her peers. She told the Edmonton Journal:

People started rumours about me. That I’m a lesbian, or that I’m just doing this to get close to the guys on the team.

So, which one is it? Make up your minds, petty teens.

I’m sorry I didn’t include this in our Gay Fall Reading Guide, but there’s a "sassy lesbian" in Nicole Richie‘s new book, Priceless.

Here’s an excerpt:

Obviously inspired by Samantha Ronson, who is, apparently, not dating Christina Aguilera, according to this very short video of her entering a pumpkin patch and attempting to ignore TMZ.

Fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone is joining The Talk as a correspondent. While she did tell The Advocate she’s tried to go gay in the past, and still fields lesbian rumors, she identifies as straight, which means the lesbian ratio is still one to five.

You guys, don’t dismiss as a breeder site only. A new piece, "How I Got Kicked Off My Local Yahoo! Parents’ List," had me LOLing all over the place, and I know it will have you doing so, too. It all starts when a woman on the local mommy list asks if anyone else has some sparkly maternity gear she can borrow to wear at an Adam Lambert concert, and the writer responds that she has "just the thing," adding in the joke:

“you should be very careful, because some experts say wearing sequins during pregnancy can lead to gay babies 😉 .” Complete with emoticon.

So this is what happened next:

OH WOW YEAH so — WOW. Before I even got the next digest, my sister texted me and said “DON’T read. Do Not Read. They are all idiots and you will get upset.” So I deleted the next couple digests after seeing that people had gone OFF on my “hate speech” and this one guy had written a long, searching, super-earnest email about how I could only say things like that if I were gay.

To which I wanted to respond: “Exactly how much vag would I have had to eat to qualify? Is there a statute of limitations on that, or is it just I currently actually have to have my face in a woman’s crotch to be able to make that joke?” But I would be totally lying about ever having been lesbonian, so I didn’t. But wouldn’t that just shut them up?

The rest of the piece is hilarious too, including this other tidbit:

Meanwhile, a lesbian pal o’ mine responded to the list saying something like “hey, you know, Amy’s totally doing her part for the gay community by wearing maternity overalls to turn her baby into a dyke,” and nobody said boo to her.

Moms with senses of humor? Some do exist!

Even though Kim Zolciak stopped being bi-curious a while ago, it’s still big news, apparently. Star Magazine talked with DJ Tracy Young for their new issue, and wanted to know all the details on her relationship with the Real Housewife of Atlanta. From Star‘s website:

Earlier this month, Tracy flew to Atlanta to reunite with Kim, four months after their bitter breakup. "She said she still loved me and wanted to tell me something important face to face,” Tracy tells Star exclusively in our Nov. 8 issue, on newsstands now.

Kim dropped the bombshell baby news and Tracy says, "When I asked her what she was going to do, she said, ‘I want you to stay and raise the baby with me, because Kroy doesn’t want to be involved.’" Little did Tracy know that only two days after Kim’s stunning announcement, her world would come crashing down as Kroy came back into the picture.

Kroy is Kim’s new BF, and he is tardy for the party. But Tracy, it seems, is hanging around.

Melissa Etheridge recorded Fearless Love Sessions for AOL, which include the performance below and a Q&A, which you can watch at


Next week on the Canadian Space show Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Katie Strain will play "Delilah or Dee, a vegan indie punk lesbian." Her twin Karissa will play her on-screen twin, Brittney, who is her complete opposite. Says Katie:

When Delilah finds a love interest in the main character, Jenny, Brittany gets jealous and uses the book of pure evil to create clones of herself to replace her. Needless to say, trouble ensues and viewers will have to watch to find out what happens.

Canadians, tune in Nov. 3 for the episode, or watch the next day at

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