The Weekly Geek: Gay and geeky on Halloween

The leaves have changed, the air has gotten crisp and cool, and the smell of cider and candy corn is in the air – Halloween is nearly upon us! The nerd-friendly holiday (c’mon, it’s the one day a year its considered cool to dress up as a superhero) has always been among my favorites, and, I suspect, many of yours as well.

But if you’re still looking for a few geeky (and gay!) activities for the weekend, let me be your guide. After all, All Hallow’s Eve only comes but once a year, so don’t waste it!

1. Dress up as your favorite lesbian icon/item/character.

Xena and Gabriel are the obvious favorites here (especially if you can get authentic looking ancient Greek weaponry), but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A U-haul can be accomplished with clever positioning/painting of cardboard boxes, while a Lady Liberty bearing a particular, uh, toy as a torch would really light the fire under your festivities.

There are also easy options, for those in a rush: A “Dana” outfit requires only a tennis racquet and a stuffed cat (Mr. Piddles, oh how I miss thee), while going as Callie just means borrowing a pair of scrubs and finding a cheap toy stethoscope. You’ll get bonus points for having long, beautiful locks on that one.

2. Have a lesbian vampire movie night.

Nothing says Halloween like repeated viewings of The Hunger, with its infamous Susan Sarandon/Catherine Deneuve vampire love scene. Also, the inclusion of a particularly awesome ’80s David Bowie and a bunch of junk science about aging makes this flick a perennial nerd treat. And sure, you should throw in a couple of other classics, like Vampyros Lesbos and/or ’90s schlockfest Embrace of the Vampire just for good measure.

3. Play Costume Quest.

This Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation network game is the most seasonal fun you could possibly mash into six hours. You play as a super cute band of kids who dress in magical costumes, beat the crap out of monsters, and trick or treat all over town. There’s even a unicorn costume that turns you into a rainbow-wearing steed that shoots magical beams of color to heal her foes. That’s pretty gay.

Also, check out this awesome “Behind the Games” clip for details on the game’s project lead, Tasha Harris, who is an amazingly cute nerd herself.

Not enough ideas for you? Well, I09 has an amazing (and downright inspired) list of sci-fi themed last minute costume ideas, so you can always grab one of those and crash the party of your choice. My personal favorite: “everyone loves a Snakina Plisskin.” Tell me that wouldn’t look hot on any sexy butch lady.

So, geeks, what are your plans for the holiday? Share your costume ideas/party tips/unusual festivities in the comments!