Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 29, 2010): Amanda Palmer wants to save the music industry, Rachel Maddow gets her man

Robyn. The Swedish songstress may be straight, but she threw a bone to her lesbian friends with her new video for “Indestructible.”

Coronation Street. The soap has extended Sacha Parkinson‘s contract into the next year and promises more lesbians. Magic words!

Anna Silk. The actress took time off from her new show Lost Girl to reprise her lesbian role on Being Erica. Unfortunately, there was no rekindled romance.

True Blood. The show is adding several new female characters, including an Asian cage fighter who is interested in other women. Alan Ball really does make dreams come true.

Fable 3. A video game that allows you to marry your same-sex partner? It’s even better than real life!

k.d. lang. The most lesbian thing about Glee‘s Christmas album will be k.d.’s duet with Matt Morrison. Hey, it’s something!

More Magazine. Jane Lynch is this month’s cover woman, following last month’s model Jodie Foster. Is More the new Curve? (Actually Curve will be the new Curve soon.)

The Veronicas. The twin sisters joined Aussie’s Wear It With Pride equality campaign, saying they were inspired by the way the press handled Jess‘ bisexuality.

Nurse Jackie. The lesbian moms will be making a return this season, with a slight change: Judith Light is stepping in for Blythe Danner. But we’re OK with that, and trust the lesbian writers on staff of the awesomely gay show.

Florida. Attorney General McCollum has decided not to appeal the ruling against the gay adoption ban in Florida. Now couples will only be evaluated on the quality of home they can provide for the children. Welcome to the 21st century Florida!.

Jolene. A new movie featuring an older lesbian that teaches a young woman how to, uh, engage her. It looks like many films we’ve seen before, the kinds you watch with your hands over your eyes, while groaning and saying “Noooo.”

KETK. The Texas NBC affiliate this week asked viewers “Will the acceptance of homosexuality be the fall of America?” Thanks to heat applied from GLAAD and other activist organizations, they will “pull the segment from their site, cancel re-airings, meet with the owners of KTTB radio (where the piece originated) as well as rethink how they use the radio station’s content for future broadcasts.” KTTB radio also posted an apology on their web site. That’s a good start. 

Dexter. The show completely wasted the talents of Kate Moennig, using her for a two-minute bit in which she played a mildly predatory lesbian interested in Deb. She was shut down and ended up not being much help. What Would Shane Do (WWSD)?

Essence. The Nigerian singer said she rejects lesbian rumors about her because being gay is “nasty and dirty.” It probably would have been more convincing to say something like “I wish it were true, but no, I’m straight.” Well maybe not convincing, but at least less offensive.

Marvel. The Runaways movie is being put on hold because there are too many other comic book film projects in the works right now. Shocking that the one they choose to put off stars mostly women.

Syfy The network has canceled Caprica, effectively erasing a bisexual female character from our television sets. Don’t they know we’re in it for the long haul? Perhaps they haven’t caught up on our recaps yet.

Star magazine. Kim Zolciak is reportedly pregnant so, naturally, it’s time for that scoop on Kim’s ex-fling from months ago, DJ Tracy Young. Isn’t the 15 minutes already up for this story?

Twisting quotes. Portia DeGeneres gave an interview about her new memoir, which included references to her once being closeted and hiding her eating disorder. Quotes from it were misappropriated by several news outlets and twisted into “being a lesbian made Portia anorexic.” Let’s hope that isn’t ultimately the message that people take from reading her book (or the interview).

The Game. The rapper sent out homophobic Tweets and later clarified that he was OK with lesbians (like Ellen DeGeneres). Sorry, you don’t really get to pick and choose like that, Game. You offended us all in one Tweet.

Clint McCance. The Arkansas Midland School Board Vice President celebrated the suicides of gay teens and deaths of people with AIDS on his Facebook page. The Arkansas Department of Education “strongly condemns remarks or attitudes of this kind“. The good news is that McCance is resigning.