Styled Out: Finger-lookin’ good

Brrrr! Is it cold in here? Maybe I’m just imagining it because I’ve been daydreaming all morning about racking up a credit card or five on awesome warm weather gear. Everyone in Seattle (my place of residence) is pretty worried about the potential impending snow that we’re expecting, but not me. This is an even better excuse to get a banging new coat. I’m starting small, though, and just browsing through the mitten selection.

Free People has many a pair to fall in love with but I’m especially fond of the Striped Fingerless Glove, mostly because of the longer than usual wrist coverage. If any of you have more, uh, luxuriously long phalanges, you’ll appreciate the bonus material. They’re basically what the longer T-shirt was to the world of long-waisted individuals. They’re a great option to keep your fingers accessible if you happen to live in a more temperate (but still sometimes sorta chilly) climate like myself.

Lord knows I love a good mitten and I really appreciated the warmth they pretty much always provided when I battled the frigid temperatures back in Chicago. The notoriously windy city made waiting for the train an icy hell but the right woolly mitt made it better, the only problem was functionality. In order to dig my train card out of my wallet I’d always have to pull the whole thing off in order to have any mobility in my fingers and not hold up the line. The solution? Mitten/fingerless glove hybrids like these from Club Room. The color is great and the concept is even more awesome.

Of course, some might argue that there’s no reason to mess with traditions such as the faithful mitten, and in the case of lesbian owned Hooray Hoopla, I’m going to have to agree — sort of. See, they make these predator vs. prey mittens that are just about as much fun to play with as they are good at keeping your fingers from getting frost bitten. If nothing else, they’re a sure fire conversation piece when you’re sick of talking about frigid temperatures while waiting for the bus.

Who knows? They might even distract you long enough to take your mind off the cold.

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