Morning Brew – Wednesday, December 1: Inside the new Batwoman comic, Sarah Jones scores lead in Elizabeth Sarnoff’s new show

Good morning, Brewsters. It’s World AIDS Day, so I’d like to lead with this quote from Susan Sontag from AIDS and its Metaphors:

AIDS obliges people to think of sex as having, possibly, the direst consequences: suicide. Or murder.

And so often, that is “gay” sex. Sontag writes that AIDS is largely a heterosexual disease, but is thought of as a punishment for gays and our “deviant lifestyle.” In 1988, the publication of her book and thoughts on the then-terminal illness aimed to change how the general public thought of AIDS, and how it was seen as a gay man’s disease. Sontag was one lesbian, among many, who stood up for the community during the epidemic.

So if you’re looking to celebrate today by educating yourself and seeking, perhaps, some lesbian-themed relevance, Sontag’s book, Sarah Schulman‘s Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS, and the Marketing of Gay America or the chapter “Lesbians on the frontline” in William Eldwood‘s Power in the blood: a handbook on AIDS, politics, and communication can give you some insight. Lesbians have always been involved in the movement to help stop AIDS and make sure the truth about the disease is known.

Onto some lighter fare! Like Olivia Wilde in a suit.

She’s doing some good work there.

YourTango ran a blog called, “How to Decide a Woman is Lesbian or Not.” You’re dying to know, right? Don’t worry — it’s written really poorly and I’m pretty sure no one would take it seriously. Like I’m not even sure what this means:

The way that looks woman. Is really clear when a woman sight to another adult single sex club in a different way that the usual one. It can say by the way that acts next to other women and also by the look. She passed relations. See if can ascertain something about her by in front of relations of equal-maker. If it has the opportunity to chat with her, can begin speaking of romantic relations and perhaps something says about its experience.

By now, just decide she’s a lesbian. It’ll make life easier.

Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy) has scored the lead in the new J.J. Abrams pilot, Alcatraz. She’ll play a smart and “obsessive” police officer, and what I really like about this, is that there’s a female lead in this series penned by out lesbian Elizabeth Sarnoff (Lost).

Since it’s December, you can officially listen to the Indigo Girls new Christmas album, Holly Happy Days. And here they are playing one of those songs lives.


Lesbian director K.Rocco Shields is working on a film about gay suicides and is seeking your help. So if you’re feeling really giving today, check out


Also fundraising are Catherine Opie and Lisa Udelson for their documentary, Same Difference.


Such a cool project, from some talented lesbian artists. And if you donate, you can get some really cool stuff in return.

OK, so you want more Skins photos, featuring our resident lesbian character, Tea? She’s getting real rowdy! has compiled “9 Crazy Hot Girl-on-Girl Scenes from Movies.” As I read down the list, I thought it wasn’t half bad — until number one was the same-old, same-old: Wild Things. Yep, written by a guy, but a few points for including some off-the-beaten-path films like Where the Truth Lies.

The animated show Archer has a lesbian character named Pam, who also has her own official Facebook profile. The FX show will return for a second season Jan. 11.

Comic Book Resources has a great interview with the creators of Batwoman #0, and also gives a few more looks inside the book, which is finally available this week!

Thanks for the tip scorpio54.

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Hope you have a fabulous day (and night).