Morning Brew – Tuesday, December 14: Lady Gaga in some sexy poses with another woman, Kylie on playing gay in “Jack & Diane”

Happy Tuesday!

In 2008, Lady Gaga posed for some photos with a girlfriend (jury’s out on what kind of girlfriend, but I’m thinking more of the friend type). The only reason this is making news, three years later, is that some of the pics were a little NSFW. Here’s pretty much the only one I can show you without being yelled at.

“Just bluffin’ with my muffin!”

Now that’s tame compared to the other two, which you can see at RadarOnline. But in my opinion, all three are just for fun and not evidence of some lesbian tryst. I mean, they’re full clothed.

While we’re on the lesbian sex subject, Natalie Portman talked about her cinematic sex with Mila Kunis in Black Swan with Vogue. She’s their January cover girl, and here’s what she said about “the scene.”

Lesbian scenes, sex scenes, they’re all over the place! But because it’s me, people are shocked. I see the value of a good-girl persona — it’s so easy to subvert it!

That’s right — all good girls are straight. We might as well all join The Bad Girls Club, where lesbians exist on television.

BTW, Black Swan was one of the hot properties nominated for Golden Globes this morning. We’ll have a full report on those for you later today.

Kylie Minogue talked with iheartradio about her support for the LGBT community and gave some insight to her role as Tara, the tattoo artist in Jack & Diane.

Jack and Diane goes along with what my vision is, and what the message of the “All The Lovers” video was: Love, is love, is love. I play the girlfriend of Riley Keough’s character, and I just loved that the character was the antithesis of everything that I’d been doing with [her album] Aphrodite.

“Maybe if I play someone who is gay and looks like crap, I’ll win an Oscar.”

The film just wrapped production, which means it’ll hopefully be ready for release mid-to-late 2011. I was hoping for Sundance, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point.

The National Enquirer reports that Oprah hosted Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia at her home for a “gourmet vegan dinner” recently, in which she “passed the torch” to the out talk show host. Also in attendance: Gayle King. The source said that “Oprah gave Ellen advice on how to carry on with her upbeat, heartfelt approach to TV talk” and noted that Gayle and Portia “chatted in another room.” Well if that’s true, they were probably saying “Why the hell were we even invited?”

Speaking of Oprah, remember when Rosie O’Donnell took to her Sirius radio show to declare Oprah and Gayle had to be lesbian lovers? She’s going back on that now, which I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she has a show on Oprah’s new network, OWN.


Blackbook magazine has named MEN “the new sex.” In the short profile, JD Samson talks about their upcoming album, Talk About Body, saying:

Talk About Body deals with gender expression, queer livelihood, and the way we see the world. It’s not something we necessarily wanted to express — it’s something we needed to express.

And it’s something I need to hear, like, yesterday.

Criminal MindsKirsten Vangsness is totally underrated. We agree, TV Squad!

Marvel’s The Runaways film adaptation may have halted production for now, but it’s still in the works. Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige said it’ll be coming within “the next three years.”

Ever wondered what Patricia Cornwell likes to read? It’s probably a lot less morbid than you’d expect.

In an interview with LGBT social networking site dot429, Jackie Warner said coming out is “definitely a hindrance to your career.”

I hate to say that, and nobody likes to talk about that, but it’s true. You basically turn yourself off to half of the country. It’s not a turn-on. It’s a turn-off, unless you say you’re bisexual. I know many gay and lesbian people who claim to be bisexual when I know good and well they’re not. And what they’re doing is trying to save their career. Bisexuality is sexy to men, but lesbianism is not. Being out definitely does not serve me well professionally, but I made a choice to be open and honest a long time ago because I didn’t want to feel like I was hiding. But I do understand why people do hide.

Well that’s disappointing, especially considering I thought she was doing pretty well and is an out lesbian. But perhaps she’s referring more to other people. Maybe even other well known female trainers who say they are bisexual when they are really (really) gay.

“By the way, I think you’re too fat.”

Shay Mitchell was at an ABC Family event recently where she gave a video interviewer some scoop on the upcoming second half of Pretty Little Liars‘ season one.


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