Morning Brew – Monday, December 20: Chloe Sevigny on her lesbian fanbase, Anna Paquin on the cover of “Dazed & Confused”

Good morning! Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Chloe Sevigny was totally talking about you in this month’s issue of Playboy. I’m serious! She told the mag:

By the time of Boys Don’t Cry I had already spoken in interviews about my sexual experimenting as a young person. It sure seems that I have a pretty strong lesbian fan base because when I’m out, everybody responds to those films.

We all responded quite well. Especially to this:

So UK pop star Tulisa is pretty much never going to stop saying she wishes she were gay. Last week, she told a reporter (again):

I don’t want a man. I hate men. I actually want a girl. I’m at my breaking point, I’ve had enough. Men mess up the brain … I wish I was gay … Women treat people so much better in a relationship. They don’t have a d–k to think for them.

OK listen, Tulisa. You start saying things like “I actually want a girl,” and we’re going to expect you to commit.

Gili Shem-Tov may be ousted from Israel’s Dancing with the Stars, but she’ll soon be starring on a new TV show in her homeland. Gili is part of a documentary-series called Bekarov Ahava (roughly translated Soon Love). AE reader Od gave us the scoop, saying Gili let the show follow her on her first dates with partner Maya. Gili told a reporter:They asked me to do the show soon after a break up, I was a new mom to a three months old baby, my relationship crushed. They told me the show would be about love and relationships and I said “Great, someone save me from the situation I’m in.”

Bekarov Ahava airs Jan. 2 on Israel’s Channel 2 and will feature four other women on their search for love as well. Gili, of course, is the show’s only gay lady.

Anna Paquin is on this month’s cover of Dazed and Confused. There isn’t much from the actual interview available, but she does look quite good in the photos shot by Terry Richardson. It’d actually be pretty difficult for her not to look good.

Greg Rucka shared a memory of working on Batwoman with the Tumblr DC Women Kicking Ass. It is very poignant, as it relates to DADT, which, if you haven’t heard, was voted to be repealed this weekend (!!!). He writes:

Way back — waaaay back — when I knew I was going to be writing Kate, and I knew we’d be telling her origin story, I knew I would write this scene. This was, in many ways, the first scene I wrote for Kate Kane, one I kept rewriting and rewriting in my mind until the time came to put it down on the page. I’d done a lot of research into West Point, and the Cadet’s Code of Honor had stuck with me, stuck with me all the more in the face of DADT. In my mind’s eye, even before ever seeing the Bat Symbol of encountering Batman, this was where Batwoman was born — in Kate’s need to serve something greater and to, at the same time, remain true to herself. She’s given the out; hell, Reyes wants her to take the out, but she refuses. The choice between attaining what has been — to that point — her life’s work, or betraying herself, is an impossible position. This is the moment, in my opinion, that defines her as a hero; it’s what makes her a person worthy of wearing the Bat Symbol.

Kate Kane for president. Even Maureen Dowd thinks a lesbian could be the HBIC and I agree.

And speaking of comics, DC is also putting out the last ever Wildstorm comic this week, which introduced us to one of the first ever lesbian comic characters: Rainmaker.

OK, is she or isn’t she? Will Heather Morris be considered for the new Buffy movie or not? Because even though reports said she wouldn’t be, the star told Access Hollywood:

They’re considering me! I found out and I almost peed my pants ‘cause I was so excited!

Heather in the buff-y

So if it’s not true, someone better inform Heather because she’s getting false intel.

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