N.Y. Scene Dec. 2010: Tabatha Coffey’s theater takeover, live bands, Truck Stop mayhem, and a new activity group for lesbians

Tabatha Coffey in My Big Gay Italian Wedding, St. Luke’s Theater, 12.02.10

If I were to describe the off Broadway production My Big Gay Italian Wedding in one word, it would be “screeching.” It was like a competition to see who could shriek and howl at one another the loudest. After two hours, my ears felt like they had been churned through a meat grinder. I am a fan of comedic theater, and slapstick humor that plays on stereotypes has its place, but listening to two hours of screaming in exaggerated Brooklyn accents is just exhausting.

Perhaps I wasn’t the right audience for the production. I can see a sheltered Midwestern couple with barely any exposure to real gay people chortling at the “crazy flamboyant gays” and “boisterous ethnic whites.” The audience seemed appreciative to some extent, and as expected, it comprised mostly of an older, suburban set.

Official Press Kit Photo

And this is why I appreciated Tabatha Coffey’s guest starring stint at My Big Gay Italian Wedding during December 2-4. Coffey played herself and officiated the wedding between main characters Anthony and Andrew.

Her aloof and mildly disdainful demeanor during the show mirrored exactly what I was thinking, i.e. “This is like hearing three-year old banging pots and pans. If a meteor were to land on this building right now, it would be ideal. But I suppose this too shall pass.” Her lines, delivered in a humorously sarcastic tone, provided a coolness that helped temper the rest of the cast’s unbridled insanity.

Tabatha’s theater takeover? It didn’t save the production, but her involvement was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Crème de la Femme / Rosa & the Ultratight video release, Union Square Ballroom, 12.08.10 (plus, Valhalla Women’s Week update!)

Promoters Maggie C. and Susan Burdian teamed up to produce a joint event at the Union Square Ballroom on December 8th. Normally held at the smaller Union Square Lounge next door, Crème de la Femme moved to the more spacious Union Square Ballroom to accommodate regulars and fans of local band Rosa & the Ultratight, which is managed by veteran promoter Susan Burdian. Hors d’oeuvres from Burdian’s restaurant Zuzies were also provided.

As to Maggie C.’s other ventures, the official press release of Valhalla Women’s Week, the women’s retreat to be held in October 2011 at the Vieques W Retreat and Spa, can be found here. Also, Stiletto is currently on hiatus but will be returning for the rest of the winter and spring beginning in January at a new venue on alternating Fridays. “Friend” Maggie C.’s Facebook page for upcoming announcements.