N.Y. Scene Dec. 2010: Tabatha Coffey’s theater takeover, live bands, Truck Stop mayhem, and a new activity group for lesbians

AwShockKiss @ The Mercury Lounge, 12.16.10

If you survey the crowd at any given AwShockKiss show you’ll notice a few things: there are a lot of lesbians in the audience, they all know the words to the songs, and they sing along like it’s an all you can drink karaoke night. The show at The Mercury Lounge on Dec. 16 was no exception. Said vocalist Kiri Jewell, “We are lucky to be part of a tight-knit, supportive, lesbian community. It’s not uncommon for us to have a roomful of ladies at our shows. I’m honestly floored at the love they show us!”

Blending straightforward rock with a pop sensibility, AwShockKiss’s influences include Fiona Apple, No Doubt, Paramore and Heart. “The dynamic between Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart is beautiful,” said Jewell. “It reminds me of the dynamic between [keyboardist/guitarist] Stefanie Bassett and me a bit.”

AwShockKiss will be taking a break from playing shows for a month or two to write new material, and a new EP is due out in the spring. In the meantime you can join their Facebook page and download some of their songs for free from their website.

Truck Stop NY, Number 3 @ Slate Lounge, 12.18.10

Every few months, the Truck Stop convoy careens in from Los Angeles with breakneck speed, smashing through the window panes of a hapless venue in our city for six hours of unrestrained debauchery. A joint effort by L.A.’s Fuse Events and N.Y.’s Proposition, Truck Stop N.Y. never fails to bring in a raucous crowd of ladies ready to get up close and personal with the Truck Stop Girlz. And when I say up close and personal, I mean one can get a very special view of Santa’s Little Helper.

The cold weather did nothing to prevent Slate Lounge from getting packed to the gills.