Morning Brew: Thursday, December 23: Hunter Valentine spills some secrets, more of Sofia Black-D’elia as Tea on “Skins”

It’s our last Brew for a while — the last one of 2010, too. I’ll do my best to make it entertaining so we go out with a bang.

The Sun reports that Gemma Atkinson‘s nakedness in a lesbian sex scene in Boogie Woogie has made her the third most watched video on the web this year. I agree, she’s sexy and all, but I’d suggest watching the entire movie for Jaime Winstone as the lesbian artist.

The Daily Beast has a profile of Jincey Lumpkin, who they refer to as the “lesbian Hugh Hefner.” Is there a lesbian version of Playboy magazine I’m not aware of?

If you’re heading to Sundance, make sure to check out Killer Films new venture, Killer Digital. The production company, helmed by out lesbian Christine Vachon, will be streaming live content at the festival, featuring Vachon discussing “news and trends.” Hopefully it’ll make its way to the web soon after.

Kathy Griffin will go on Dancing With the Stars if Bristol Palin will be her lesbian dance partner. Unfortunately, this can’t happen because Bristol has already participated in the show. Nuts! Kathy also told PopEater what she thought of Oprah saying she’s not a lesbian:

It wasn’t as much fun as her denial of even being a partial lesbian. I don’t know any partial lesbians. All the lesbians I know are full-blown lesbians and very loud and proud. I think if she’s reaching out to the partial lesbian community then I support her.

Gayle King has also commented on the rumors, telling USA Today:

It used to bother me, and now I say, “OK, if people believe it, there’s nothing we can do to change their minds.” Oprah has been so outspoken and I have about my dating life, my desire to have a significant other, that it’s just silly that we would deny or hide that because it implies something is wrong. That’s what bothers me more than anything. There’s nothing wrong.

Ever wanted to visit Sydney with Sia? Well you’re kind of in luck. The Aussie has a few suggestions of where you should go down under, but she probably won’t be escorting you.

Check out one of our favorite bands Hunter Valentine telling secrets on In The Life.

Even if you aren’t into the idea of Skins getting Americanized, can you at least appreciate all the hot photos we’re getting of Sofia Black-D’elia as the lesbian Tea?

Still looking for some lesbianish holiday tunes? Check out Catie Curtis‘s new Christmas EP and The Little Brutes featuring Rachael Cantu.

Speaking of Rachael, now’s your chance to watch her music video for Anyone But Me for free.

On TV today: Jane Lynch on The View (CBS 10 a.m.), The Big Gay Sketch Show marathon (Logo 11 a.m.), Fried Green Tomatoes (Encore Love 6:45 p.m.) Buffy marathon (Logo 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight), and Cat Cora on both Iron Chef America (Food Network 9 p.m.) and Chelsea Lately (E! Thu/Fri 12:30 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

I hope you have a nice long holiday. I know I will, but I’ll miss you.