Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Tina Turner, Hesta Prynn, F(x) and more!

I’m writing to you all in my pajamas from the safety of my couch today. Snowlapalooza is in full effect and last night we witnessed a little something called “Thunder Snow” which made it seem like Satan was having a bowling party with his buddy Fred Phelps. It was pretty cray and our poor dogs weren’t quite sure where to potty but we got through the night and played my Ghost Whisperer Drinking Game.

I think today will be spent trolling the internet for more great music, trying to get over my excitement that the latest Biggest Loser trainer, Cara Castronueva dated MC God-des. Last night my girlfriend turned to me and said, “Do you think she’d be into me?” I won’t tell you what I said here; it’s not appropriate. On to some music!

Tina Turner

File Under: Queen goddess of rock ‘n soul, my private dancer.
From: Nutbush (yes it’s a real place), Tennessee
For Fans of: Prince, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Cyndi Lauper, leather jackets, hot legs, karaoke, big hair, movies with happy endings.
Bonus: Turner’s life was made into a great biopic film in which the very hot Angela Bassett played her. In it, we see the struggles she went through as a battered woman and the strength she had to get out of her relationship and build herself a new life. The movie is at least fifty times better than a Lifetime Television for Women made for TV movie.

Hesta Prynn

File Under: Indie pop rock, hip-pop, sexual chocolate
From: NYC
For Fans of: Mike Snow, Telepathe, Northern State (of which she is a founding member), Santigold, popsicles, American Apparel clothing, Uh Huh Her, making out in bathrooms.
Bonus: Hesta (real name Julie Potash) is friends with some of our favorite gal pals, Tegan & Sara and our very own Lindsey Byrnes and has created a hilarious web show called, “Hesta Prynn & Friends.”


File Under: Dance pop girl group, adorbs
From: South Korea
For Fans of: Girlicious, Pussycat Dolls, Wonder Girls, Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, rainbow sherbet, choppy bangs.
Bonus: The girls have a very androgynous (and like, kind of really hot) member, Amber, that has been turning a lot of heads all over South Korea. She makes my dar go PING. Thanks to Marisa for the suggestion!