Morning Brew – Friday, Feb. 4: Cat Cora keeps us thin, Chick-fil-a makes us gay

Welcome to Friday, Brewbies! Trish Bendix is off at the Creating Change conference, so she’s tasked me with bringing you your morning dose of lezzerama action.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, but I think the most exciting news this morning is that Cat Cora is going to be in the March issue of Glamour. Here’s what she had to say on Facebook: “I’m included in a roundup of 8 “superchefs” who give our tips on ‘how to eat all day and still stay slim.’”


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Speaking of delicious food, recent research has unequivocally proven that Chick-fil-A makes you gay. The company is well-known for its conservative Christian “values.” They offer James Dobson‘s books at the checkout with their brownies, and they’re notorious for contributing money to anti-gay candidates and organizations. But a recent Facebook campaign seeks to show the company how very gay they make people:

Did you know Chick-fil-A makes you GAY?! Ironically, the same company that abundantly donates to anti-gay organizations, fuels the campaign to stop gay marriage, and flat-out denies the LGBT community access to their charity-funded establishments serves food that turns you gay!

So, instead of a useless boycott, why don’t we go there, eat their food, and prove it to them?! I’m sure once they see customers eat their food and start making out with people of the same sex, they might be more inclined to pay attention and respond to the issues.

Just bring someone of the same sex with whom you want to make out and a couple of bucks for chicken. Eating starts at 1:00pm, kissing will spontaneously commence shortly thereafter. Spread the word (and this invite) that “Chick-fil-A makes you GAY!”

Aww, doesn’t that remind you of The Mission to Ascertain the Disposition and Intent of One Miss Lara Perkins? Also, I think what I’m hearing is that my reward for making out with a hot girl is waffle fries. DOUBLE LIKE.

But wait! There’s more gay food news! Bravo has ordered a second season of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Everyone knows it’s not Bravo reality TV without gay contestants, and it’s not Top Chef if one of them isn’t a lesbian. So we have that to look forward to this fall!

Openly gay softball superstar Lauren Lappin was recently interviewed about the upcoming season with her NPF team (aptly named “Pride.”)

Stepping on the field for the first time as a pro player was surreal. To be able to play the sport that I love beyond college is such a privilege. There are so many incredible woman that paved the way for us today and it is our responsibility to continue to grow the NPF so that many more softball players will get this opportunity in the future. I felt this responsibility during my first game as a professional and I continue to feel it everyday.

Check out the full interview at

Cyndi Lauper is at it again! She just launched her True Colors Winter Charity Auction to benefit her same-named charity, which supports lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. You can bid on a chance to meet Cyndi, Lady Gaga and a dozen other celebrities.

Finally, Amber Riley is just stunning on the latest cover of Essence. She’s channeling Chaka Khan and she has me (and Entertainment Weekly) jonesing to hear her sing “I’m Every Woman.”

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Trish Bendix will be back in your loving arms on Monday. Until then, have a beautiful weekend!