Lesbros: Kevin Seccia

The trusty website, UrbanDictionary.com, has several definitions for the term lesbro:

1. A man who has more friendships with lesbians than other women or men.

2. The male equivalent of a fag hag.

3. A heterosexual man who is either one or both of the following: a brother to one or more lesbian sisters, or, friends with a disproportionate amount of homosexual women. “Wow, your brother really only hangs out with gay girls, doesn’t he! And you’re a big gay yourself, sister! What a lesbro you’ve got there!”

To us, a lesbro is a little bit of all, but at his core, a lesbro is a male friend to at least one, but possibly several, lesbians. This column shares a little bit about some famous lesbros that we love.

This week’s Lesbro: Kevin Seccia.

photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Kevin Seccia is a writer and stand-up comedian who has appeared on CBS’s The Late Late Show, Premium Blend. He has written for Ellen DeGeneres, numerous live-action and animated
shows, and was a staff writer on G4’s Attack of the Show. His book, Punching Tom Hanks, comes out in June.

AfterEllen.com: Of the above three definitions of a lesbro, which do you think describes you best?

Kevin Seccia:
Wow, they found a way to make the word “bro” even worse. Good for them. Nobody outside of some horrendous E! channel reality show would ever use that word, would they? People with a weakness for puns have to stop coining new things. I guess 3?

AE: What is the best thing about your lesbian friend/s?

The best things about them/her is probably the best things about all people: kindness, intelligence, and possessing an interest in and ability to mock others.

AE: Do you think that having lesbian friends has anything to do with where you fall on the Kinsey scale? Care to comment on your own sexuality?

I’m not sure. Maybe the fact that I’m straight and we both like ladies gives us at least a few things in common right off the bat. But if that were all there was I doubt we’d be friends for long.

AE: What stereotype about lesbians have you found to be false?

Well, they aren’t good at math and bad at driving, so that was a shock. Also, when you catch them they don’t always bring you to their pot o’ gold. They just stare at you pretending to not know what the hell you’re talking about. But I’m on to them.

AE: What do you think it is specifically that draws you towards being friends with lesbians?

I don’t think I’m drawn to them as much as my best friend, Ariel Schrag, is one and I’ve met many lesbians through her. I’d say there is definitely a unique dynamic to a straight guy/lesbian friendship that I like, though it’s hard to pin down. I was going to say having someone who wants to go shopping and shoot guns and drink whisky with me is a plus, but Ariel just told me the stereotype is that lesbians don’t like to shop. I have not found that to be true.

AE: How has your girlfriend (or past girlfriends if you are not in a relationship now) responded to your friendships with lesbians?

It doesn’t seem to be any more or less threatening than any other friendship which will occasionally conflict with a relationship. Honestly, I’m plenty capable of ruining that stuff without lesbian help.

AE: What are you working on now?

I’m currently finishing up my book Punching Tom Hanks (available for pre-order!) and co-writing the next installment of Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything, which focuses on Ariel and I going to nightmarish lesbian bars in an attempt to find Ariel a lady. It does not go well.

AE: What is your favorite TV show and why?

My favorite TV show is whatever show Joss Whedon is currently writing. And The Wire, which is not only the greatest show of all-time but — no, actually, only that. It’s the greatest show of all-time.

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