Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Heart, Angel Haze, The Detroit Cobras and more

OK friends and neighbors, I’m not going to lie to you – if this week’s list of women to listen to gets weird it’s probably because I got a little cray last night and then there wasn’t much sleep involved. It was a fun time though and the place we went to was playing all ‘80s music – which I loved. So, let’s get to the music!

Angel Haze

File Under: Rhymes so fresh like they just came out the oven

From: California

For Fans Of: Lil Wayne, Drake, rap battles, being blunt, Shunda K, low riders

Bonus: While she says she’s not gay, this young’un “embrace(s) gender-fluidity.” Also, she has some free mix tapes you should download and enjoy (even if they are Twilight themed).

Rachel Goodrich

File Under: Folk-abilly, pop, sweetness, Americana

From: Miami

For Fans Of: The Ditty Bops, Regina Spektor, hand claps, hoedowns, Thao

Bonus: She plays ukulele and the kazoo! I mean, who plays the kazoo? So rad. Oh and her new album is coming out Feb. 21, so you’ve got that to look forward to.

Cecilia Bartoli

File Under: One of the world’s best mezza-sopranos

From: Italy

For Fans Of: Mozart, Rossini, amore, Lady and The Tramp, Placido Domingo, red velvet cake, theatrics.

Bonus: Cecilia has been celebrated all over the world and has even been given Italian Knighthood. You go girl.

Wir Sind Helden

File Under: Non aggressive indie pop rock

From: Germany

For Fans Of: The Cardigans only slightly less poppy, a more rock-heavy Ting Tings, Stella Artois, The Sundays

Bonus: First of all thanks to reader Lubabum for the great tip and secondly, lead singer Judith Holofernes used to work for one of my favorite magazines, Adbusters. Of course, I can’t buy it because I’m against consumerism.

The Detroit Cobras

File Under: One of my first college loves, ‘60s Detroit garage rock and doo-wop cover songs

From: Motor City baby

For Fans Of: Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, Baby Washington, pin-up girls, choppy bangs, roller derbies, Elton Motello, Josie Cotton, Gore Gore Girls
Bonus : Here’s a download of their jam (I Wanna Know) What’s Going On.”