Afternoon Delight: Sick of Sarah’s Jamie and Abisha are into leather, Streep looks the part as Thatcher

Lots of good stuff today!

Lucky Dog Leather recently shot a layout for the March issue of Curve magazine featuring Sick of Sarah‘s Abisha Uhl and Jamie Holm, and we’ve got some exclusive photos from the session.

photos by Kerry Krenzin

Lucky Dog Leather offers a wide variety of hand crafted bracelets, cuffs, belts and silver jewelry and each piece is custom made to order, with styles and sizes for everyone. Rock and roll snarl sold separately. Check out their full line of accessories at

Lots of opportunities to support The Trevor Project these days! First, two of Ithaca College’s a cappella groups, Ithacappella and Premium Blend, release a cover of Katy Perry‘s “Firework” on iTunes today and all of the proceeds are going to the Trevor Project. On March 7, 2011 the Mardi Gras festivities taking place at Bourbon Pub & Parade New Orleans (including a special celebrity brunch event) will also benefit The Trevor Project. Jennifer Coolidge (Best In Show) and Taylor Dane will be there, possibly even tossing you some beads. Brunch tickets are available via The Trevor Project website and additional event ticket info is available at the Bourbon Pub site.

Did you know that Levis has fashioned the “Ex-Girlfriend” jeans? Here’s the description: “Remember the girlfriend with the great style? Here’s a tribute to her – a fit that’s super-snug allover, an update of the five-pocket classic that’s as skinny as it gets.” If they change “snug” to “smug,” I think they will be paying tribute to many more of our ex-girlfriends.

I think this photo is a good candidate for a captioning contest:

My submission for said contest is “Oscar bait.” It’s a publicity still from out director Phyllida Lloyd‘s upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep.

In Glee news that is probably of interest only to me, Stevie Nicks visited the set this week but, according to her rep, “[She] is not on the show.”

I’m OK with that. is reporting that lesbian couple Angelina Braithwaite and Megan Gerber are among the competitors signed up to participate in the “new Female Hollywood Boxing Event at Adelphia’s Restaurant and Lounge in Deptfrod, New Jersey!” The otherwise all-female boxing event, to be held this Saturday, Feb 12, will also include a match between Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg. I never thought I’d be writing these words, but I’m rooting for Marky Mark!

Have you tried the new-ish Rachel Maddow Show app that allows viewers to chat with one another (via the “Watch Party” feature)? According to the press release, “The ‘Watch Party,’ a live viewing experience featured on the app, gives consumers an interactive way to enjoy one of America’s most popular cable news shows. Viewers can join the Maddow ‘Watch Party’ and read real-time tweets from @maddow as well as guests, fans and other viewers using the #maddow hashtag – while the show is in progress. By connecting the app to their Twitter account, viewers can easily join the discussion.” I wonder if the creators know that they’ve just launched a new lesbian dating site.

Here’s a sneak peek of out trainer Lacey Stone‘s Gatorade G Series FIT Workout:


I’m sure they’re effective, but “explosive squats” sound exhausting, terrifying and slightly embarrassing.

You can join the Lisa Simpson Book Club via Tumblr.

Want to reenact your favorite Calzona moments with your lady friend but don’t have the proper outfits for the task? You can buy Grey’s Anatomy scrubs at the ABC store, and some of the proceeds go to the Barco’s Nightengales Foundation.

Surgical masks, stethoscopes and intrusive (and fertile!) ex-boyfriend sold separately. Don’t want no scrubs? No problem. You can also purchase lab coats.

Talk to you tomorrow!