Morning Brew – Monday, Feb. 14: Cynthia Nixon and partner’s new son, La Roux wins Grammy for best dance album

Happy Valentine’s Day! Be mine?

One of my favorite Valentine’s moments on film is from Sex and the City, when Carrie and Miranda go to dinner together and are mistaken for a couple.

IRL, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) just welcomed an adorable bundle of joy to the world with her partner, Christine Marinoni. Here’s our first look at their son, Max.

However this baby, being held by celesbians, is not their own.

It’s Portia‘s niece. And good thing she wasn’t hanging around their house this weekend, because an intruder attempted to break in to Portia and Ellen’s home. She didn’t succeed, and no word on if she was a crazed lesbian — yet.

AMC’s asks “Why Are There So Few Lesbian Romance Films with Positive Endings?” Because, like in pulp novels and any kind of mass-consumed fiction about lesbians, we had to be punished for having all the fun we had in the first hour and a half of the film. But they also offer several films that end happily, including several we included in our recent huddle of the Worst Lesbian Films Ever. It’s up to you whether you’d rather watch happy and bad, or great but depressing.

La Roux won Best electronic/dance album at the Grammys last night, which, unfortunately, was one of the award presentations that wasn’t televised. Congrats to lesbian favorite Elly Jackson and her bandmate Ben Langmaid.

Elly’s giving Janelle Monae a run for her money in the Hot Androgynous-Looking Women category at the Grammys last night.

Speaking of good looking women in suits, Annette Bening posed for Time‘s current issue, which highlights this year’s great acting performances.

Ole Glaever‘s The Mountain played at Berlinale this weekend, and received good reviews. It also convinced me that I really want to see it, because I like lesbians and nature.

Want Five Minutes with Jeanette Winterson? BBC News has you covered. has compiled a playlist called Best Kisses and number 14 on the list is from Katherine and Robin on Desperate Housewives. I hope they’re celebrating the holiday in Paris with some french kissing.

I believe there is some of that kind of kissing in this trailer for the new episode of Girl/Girl Scene. There is also some Hunter Valentine, which is an incredibly fitting name for today.

We’re going to have some fun Valentine’s-themed stuff for you today, but in the meantime, NPR has a report on how same-sex V Day cards are evolving.

Tonight, set your DVR for David Letterman if you want to see Sara Quin singing the hook on “Why Even Try?” with Theophilus London. It’s going to be hot!

Today in lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), Sara Gilbert with her old Roseanne castmates on The Oprah Winfrey Show (check local listings), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family 7 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m. and midnight), Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (Bravo 10 p.m.), Skins (MTV 10 p.m.)