Styled Out: Zara provides some awesome suits, trousers for women

All right everybody, hold on to your hats! We at AE have stumbled upon a line with an online store where you can order an out of the ordinary and made for women (did I stutter?) ladies suits that doesn’t look like it came from J.C. Penney. OMG! And there’s more beyond that!

Meet my new friend Zara. What wonderful timing for all of you to discover it, since their start up date is on par with their offerings today, a nod to the era of discotheques and rock ‘n roll — basically, they’ve got a lot of exaggerated collars.

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s all about the trench coat this spring. I like the Trench Coat with Lapels.

As a resident of the Pacific NorthWest, I’m always in the market for a raincoat that’s both functional and hopefully somewhat fashionable (a difficult combination to come across up here, let me tell you) so I kind of squealed when I saw the Waxed Jacket, I was like finally! Balance and my dry self has been found.

So, the entire Blazer section is pretty remarkable, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything to turn your nose up at in it. To assemble a special occasion number of your own, you’ll have to pair up between the Blazer and Trousers categories, but how awesome are the wears to be had?

I even like their denim. I’m a fan of the mid-waisted variety (not too high, not showing off my panties when I sit down) and they are still obvious supporters of the skinnies. (F you flares and your comeback.)

I am pretty psyched to see a line for women with such a range of cuts and tastes within it, not to mention, one who’s so crazy affordable. Will you be shopping Zara?