Afternoon Delight: A preview of the new Jillian Michaels book, the new webseries “Mission: Rebound”

I am loving this East London News In Brief video from Jayde Adams. I don’t know if it’s the French and Saunders-y-ness of it or the overuse of “air bunnies” (as they are called by Gloria on Modern Family) by her concerned citizen guest, but I’m a new fan. (Thanks Ali!)

I’m also digging this webseries, Mission: Rebound, directed by Gigi Nicolas and written by star Vera Miao. It’s about "Cloie and Vera, best friends, find their respective loves in bed with each other. What follows is what happens when rebound and revenge are on their minds."

Here’s the first episode (with some NSFW language and, um, "situations"):

I could really relate to episode three, with guest star Karey Dornetto, as I, too, am a bit of an “astro-stalker.”

Click here. to read an excerpt from out trainer Jillian Michaels upcoming book, Unlimited: How to Build An Exceptional Life,

I must be pretty out of shape, as I was winded after the second page. I need to work on my endurance!

I promise to try to not make AD a thinly-veiled version of "The Daily Amber," but I feel it’s my civic duty to let you know that Amber Heard talked to about her vintage Mustang and her fistfight with a naked actress in Drive Angry 3D. They also asked her about being objectified in film and TV projects (specifically in reference to skimpy costuming in DA3D and the upcoming Playboy pilot) and about her relationship with Tasya van Ree being a topic of media interest. She told them:

Sure. I think it’s interesting because recently, there’s been a lot of media attention surrounding my relationship. It is frustrating because I don’t label myself one way or another. For example, I’ve had amazing, successful relationships with men, and now I have an amazing, successful relationship with a woman, and the bottom line is I love who I love. I don’t have to answer to anyone for it. I love who I love, and I am who I am.

So there!

Mark Ruffalo is pretty happy about the DOMA news from yesterday.

Do you think he’s being sincere, or is he just trying to get into Julianne Moore‘s pants again?

I’m kidding! I do think he means it, especially since he and his wife, Sunrise, made this video for the HRC (as part of the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign).

Did you catch Tina Fey‘s Joni Mitchell spoof on the last 30 Rock? I’d love to hear it remixed as a duet with Mitchell herself.

Here’s a clip from the Portlandia season finale:

Hipsters play sports? I guess it makes sense, baseball pants could be considered a variation on skinny jeans.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Michigan Lesbian and Gay Comedy Fest (March 5), featuring Carlease Burke, Poppy Champlin and Sandra Valls, among others.