Chicks Getting Hitched: Hot honeymoon spots

For a lot of the world, this winter has been particularly brutal. If you live in one of the many cities that has endured sub-zero temperatures and thigh-high mounds of snow, a tropical getaway probably sounds pretty good right about now. So, I figured this week would be the perfect time to talk about lesbian honeymoon destinations.

Planning and executing a successful wedding requires some serious effort. You’ve got to navigate dysfunctional family dynamics, work around last-minute caterer and florist snafus, and somehow mastermind a seating arrangement that doesn’t piss off any of your guests – all while looking glamorous and behaving graciously. That’s why a relaxing honeymoon is the ideal antidote to the frenzy of a wedding – and the perfect way to reconnect with your new wife.

Unfortunately, not all cities and tropical islands roll out the welcome mat for lesbian and gay honeymooners. I don’t care how beautiful the beaches are or how amazing the cuisine may be, I would not spend one red cent of my money visiting a place where I’d be made to feel uncomfortable (or worse, put in real danger) for being gay. Nothing kills the mood like homophobia, so it’s important to do a little extra research before you book your tickets.

But, have no fear, there are plenty of beautiful, exciting and romantic places where lesbian lovers can vacation in peace. Whether you and your lady are looking for adventure, culture, or just straight up Mai Tai-fueled R&R, here are some spots that I think would make wonderful lesbian honeymoon destinations.


Breathtaking beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, seafood so fresh it might dive off of your plate – Hawaii really does have it all. So, it’s no wonder the Hawaiian Islands are a perennial favorite among newlyweds. Hawaii has long been at the epicenter of the gay marriage debate, but last week Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed a bill legalizing same-sex civil unions – which means you can drink pina coladas and go whale-watching in good conscience, knowing you’re supporting the economy of a state that supports you.

While gay marriage isn’t yet legal in the state, Hawaiians people have a reputation for being welcoming to same-sex visitors. After all, Hawaii is nicknamed “The Rainbow State.”

New Orleans

If you think New Orleans is nothing but booze, boobs and beads, think again. Just beyond the bustling debauchery of Bourbon Street, New Orleans has quieter areas where lovers can stroll through streets filled with quaint antique shops, impressive art galleries, European-influenced architecture, and magnolia-scented parks. Foodies will have a field day. Whether you go for a budget-friendly shrimp po’ boy from a cafe or indulge in the decadent three-course breakfast at the famous Brennan’s Restaurant, you’d have to try pretty hard to find a bad meal here.

New Orleans is lauded as the birthplace of jazz, and the vibrant musical culture remains alive and well. You can stumble into any hole-in-the-wall bar, and you will likely be greeted by live music – from jazz bands to blues singers to up-and-coming indie rock groups. Although it’s in the Deep South, New Orleanians are nothing if not laid back, so lesbian couples should feel comfortable throughout the city. Laissez les bon temps roulez!