Chicks Getting Hitched: Hot honeymoon spots

St. Barts

Sadly, many Caribbean islands remain quite homophobic, making them less-than-ideal destinations for lesbian honeymooners. What a shame that such a beautiful region has such ugly attitudes. However, St. Barts is one (but not the only) gleaming exception. With crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches juxtaposed with quaint European architecture, I think it would be hard not to love St. Barts from the second you lay eyes on it.

Add to that, luxe hotels and secluded villas, gourmet dining and high-end shopping, and you’ve got yourself about 13 miles of paradise.

St. Barts has a reputation for being a celebrity playground. Remember Ellen and Portia’s envy-inducing jaunt to the island last Christmas? All of that natural beauty and imported luxury comes with a high price tag, so if you’re on a budget, don’t set your sights on St. Barts.


Do you and your wife want a little more action than most beach vacations offer? Then, consider Barcelona. The sexy Spanish city boasts warm temperatures all year long and a vibrant gay scene. You can spend your days taking in Barcelona’s art, architecture and culture by visiting its museums and roaming its streets. But, the cosmopolitan city truly comes alive at night. After a 10 p.m. feast of tapas and sangria, Barcelona’s bustling club scene will beckon you to indulge well into the wee hours.

If you want to relax, you’re only a 30-minute train ride from Sitges, a Mediterranean fishing village known for clear waters and scenic beaches. Not that you need any more convincing to book a trip to Barcelona, but gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005 – vamos, chicas!

South Africa

If you and your lady are craving some post-nuptial adventure, plan a trip to gay-friendly South Africa, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2006. In Cape Town, you’ll find world-class restaurants, scenic beaches, romantic wine tours and a vibrant gay district. After a few days of wining and dining your new wife, whisk her away for an exhilarating safari. Not far from Cape Town, you can get up close and personal with buffalo, rhinos, zebras, baboons, giraffes and leopards roaming free in South Africa’s stunning mountain ranges. For the couple who wants it all, South Africa offers the perfect combination of thrill-seeking and relaxation.

What about the money, honey?

Are you breaking into a cold sweat at the thought of paying for a wedding and a honeymoon? If so, consider enlisting the help of your family and friends. Instead of registering for traditional gifts like blenders and bake ware, sites like, and allow your guests to contribute to your honeymoon instead.

Depending on the site you use, wedding guests can make financial gifts or “sponsor” a particular element of your honeymoon by popping for a sunset cruise or a romantic dinner. If you feel uneasy about asking people to help pay for your honeymoon – don’t. In a 2008 Wall Street Journal article, Peter Post, president of the Emily Post Institute said a honeymoon “is a perfectly appropriate gift to request.”

So, you’ve got clearance from the gold standard of good etiquette, and I am fairly certain you’ll have a lot more fun on an African safari than you will using your brand new mixing bowls.

Where is your dream honeymoon destination?