Styled Out: Dolce & Gabbana give the girls some suits

Style powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana are jumping on the blurred line bandwagon and coming up with more ways to pack in the andro passengers. Nice work, D.G.

I basically fell out of my chair (thud) once I was made aware of the magic that happened on their Fall/Winter 2011 runway show. It’s like all of things that I like most on girls when they dress up or were maybe just hanging out in my living room or something came together in some kind of awesome mash up and became one.

I get it; the jackets are sort of fancy for the everyday. Fine. Let me dyke it up and dress it down for you a bit by revealing this little masterpiece.

I’m not a major fan of animal prints. To me, no matter how much it costs, it still screams trashy. I’m sorry if you disagree, but in my mind, I subbed this leopard print tie with this one and the ensemble instantly became perfect. Close your eyes. Imagine. Can you see it? It’s like a thousand times more tasteful.

I’m really liking the exaggerated scrunch of the socks with the high contrasted color of the shoes and laces. This ribbed variety of foot fabric would pair well with any saddle shoe you might already own. Just invest in a thinner, waxy set of laces to further snazz up your lower half.

Are you as taken with the latest offerings as I am? I love it when two become one.

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