Afternoon Delight: Uh Huh Her on tour, some Calzona scoop

Uh Huh Her has a little geography lesson for you:

Next month,’s parent company, Logo, will be launching the television show Set Up Squad. It’s a docu-reality series in which relationship misfits get saved from themselves by experts who coach them in the art of the pickup. The “wing” women and men — two straight women, a lesbian, and a gay man — give clients a crash dating makeover, transforming them from "shabby & shy" to "chic & confident." The lesbian wing woman, Meredith, is described thusly:

Since Meredith won most inquisitive in 3rd grade, she’s always gotten to the bottom of what’s on people’s mind, and clients are no exception. She never holds back on her opinion and constantly strives for success. When Meredith sets her sights on something, she won’t stop until she has achieved it. She currently juggles a busy work load, glamorous social life and a long-distance relationship with a gorgeous woman named Randi, who lives in Los Angeles.

We’ll have more info about Meredith and the show for you soon, and beginning April 18 you can get some free dating advice from her and two of her co-stars, Jon and Lauretta, over at our sibling site, Head over to and send them your questions!

Out comic/writer Carol Leifer penned the episode of Modern Family airing tonight. In it, Cam and Mitchell argue over Lily’s name and Jay and Gloria argue over their final resting places (that old debate, casket or crypt?). She told Entertainment Weekly, "It’s a unique burial discussion, because he is probably going to go sooner than her." In the same episode, Phil goes to the spa. Leifer reports, "Phil’s the hit of the spa. If I went to a spa and Phil was there, I’d want to hang out with him for hours. He just seems very spa-ready." I agree. Phil is my favorite character on the show not played by Sofia Vergara.

Check out, the "ultimate guide to lesbian London."

Now we know why Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem‘s unscripted dance and kiss at the Oscars weren’t televised.

The next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy won’t air until March 24, but has the Calzona scoop on it, just to keep you interested:

In the next new episode, Arizona is going to see a new side of Callie. “Callie has this obsession with baby showers, and she has this massive need for attention and girliness,” Jessica Capshaw tells us. “Arizona keeps guessing wrong on what Callie would want and Mark keeps guessing correctly. Arizona just gets sick of it, so Callie gives Arizona, as a baby shower present, a trip away for the weekend.”

A romantic trip away for the weekend! What could possibly go wrong?

Out comic Wanda Sykes will be performing in Long Beach, CA on May 21, and you can get tickets here.

Finally, check out Erin Foley‘s Gays ‘R Us show tonight at the Improv in Hollywood.

Until tomorrow …