Morning Brew – Friday, March 18: Missy Elliott and Keri Hilson laugh off lesbian rumors, Beth Ditto on writing songs about women


While we wait for Beth Ditto‘s memoir, Coal to Diamonds to come out, we’re still hearing bits of what we can expect from the book. The singer told NME:

The only stuff I’m embarrassed about talking about in it (the book) is the first Gossip album. That was kind of embarrassing, but people already know about that. In that first album there was stuff about going down on girls, which was pretty cringeworthy. But for the most part I just take it all in my stride, it’s fine. I don’t get embarrassed easily. I don’t. I could show you my butt cheeks now and I’d be fine about it.

There’s some s–t in there that is going to seriously shock the crap out of everyone — things that’s going to make people forget about me eating squirrels. Totally eclipse it.

If you want to know what kind of songs she’s talking about, take a listen to “Swing Low” from That’s Not What I Heard. I’m getting so nostalgic, guys! Remember when Kathy was in the band? I mean I love Hannah but damn, Jason’s Basement was an amazing album.

Need something cool to watch today? ’90s documentary She’s Real (Worse Than Queer) is now available online — for free! Director Lucy Thane made one of the most lesbian, riot grrl, punk movies ever featuring some women you love (like Team Dresch and Tribe 8), talking about stuff that matters to you. For free!


Watch Part 2 at Lucy Thane’s Vimeo site.

Gossip site reported that Keri Hilson and Missy Elliott were hooking up. Specifically, they wrote:

Missy [and Keri] started off as friends, but Missy was really seducing her. Keri ended up [infatuated] with Missy, she may have even been in love.

Missy and Keri (top right), in the same room once

But eventually Missy was “promiscuous” and they broke up. All of which both Keri and Missy denied, via Twitter.

I’m actually really glad they just nixed the rumors they are together instead of Tweeting, “I’m not a dyke, OK?”

White Collar just ended but it will return with a whole new season June 7. More Marsha Thomason!

Also returning for a new season: SyFy’s Being Human, which will hopefully bring back Emily, Josh’s lesbian sister.

Sara Quin‘s new collaboration with Morgan Page sounds pretty sexy. They debuted their song “Body Work” on stage the other night. (Thanks Janay!)

The lesbianish boarding school film Cracks is opening the U.S. tonight. So if you’re looking for something to see, might I suggest watching this trailer and then heading to the next showing.


This week in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (check local listings), House Hunters International (HGTV 7 p.m.), Rosie O’Donnell on Who Do You Think You Are? (NBC 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Degrassi (TeenNick 9 p.m.) and Gossip on Later… WIth Jools Holland (Ovation Sat 4 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)