Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Fever Ray, Dana Jade, Within Temptation and more

Welcome back my darling audiophiles! It’s been a crazy busy day for me but I think you’ll find that I didn’t skimp on the music suggestions below. Let’s dive into it! I hope you enjoy these artists as much as I do.

Dana Jade

File Under: Rock ‘n roll sex kitten

From: Trinidad born living in London

For Fans Of: Hole (Live Through This era), heavier-rocking Blur songs, Heart ‘s “Barracuda,” spiked heels, leather, being thrown against a wall to make out, candle wax.

Bonus: If you haven’t checked out her fantastically sexy cover of M.I.A.’s “Galang” please, do not walk — run, to her YouTube page.

Eilen Jewell

File Under: Bluesy pulp-noir, rockabilly

From: Boise, but raised in Boston

For Fans Of: Neko Case, ‘50s beach movies, burlesque shows, Patty Griffin, drinking Manhattans, Billie Holiday, the south, The Allman Brothers (OK, just her song “Rambler Girl”) The Ditty Bops.

Bonus: Jewell has a new album coming out in April.

Within Temptation

File Under: Goth rock, melodramatic balladry

From: Holland

For Fans Of: Evanescence, Tim Burton movies, Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero,” Nightwish, long dark hair and smokey eyes, corsets.

Bonus: I was a dope yesterday and missed their latest album release. Thanks to AfterEllen reader Sportylady for the head’s up.

Tikkle Me

File Under: Electro dance pop, New Wave

From: Sweden (unmistakably)

For Fans Of: The Sounds (with a less-aggressive lead), emo-tronica, a less-polished Robyn, Ladytron, angled hair cuts, cleavage, Lissi Dancefloor Disaster.

Bonus: Thanks for the tip saltmjau!

No Doubt

File Under: I like Gwen Stefani on her own, but I love her more when she’s rocking out with No Doubt

From: California

For Fans Of: Garbage meets Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, Avril Lavigne (on her best day), Save Ferris, Letters to Cleo (OMG remember them?), midriffs, push-ups, tight plaid pants, Doc Martens.

Bonus: Their 2000 release, Return of Saturn, is (in my humble opinion) still one of the best breakup albums of all time. For you young’uns who haven’t heard it, now is the time to get on it.