Chicks Getting Hitched: Tokens of your affection

While you may think a magnet or a shot glass plastered with your and your beloved’s faces and your anniversary date is pretty much the cutest thing ever, wedding favors of that genre are likely to end up in your guests’ junk drawers (or trash cans). If you’re going to go to the trouble and expense to provide a party favor at your wedding, why not make it something your friends and family might actually use and possibly cherish? Here are a few ideas for fun and meaningful wedding favors your guests will truly appreciate.

Love in bloom

One of the most popular wedding favors lately is a packet of seeds guests can plant in your honor. Homegrown basil and thyme taste much better than those always-stale candy-coated almonds that make frequent appearances at showers and weddings. You can have the seed packets monogrammed with your initials if you wish, or include a small pot and a mini heart-shaped garden hoe to help your guests get their herb gardens started.

The morning after

If there’s one thing most wedding guests are looking for the morning after a night of drinking and dancing, it’s a good cup of coffee. Send your nearest and dearest home with small bags of gourmet coffee, and they will most definitely thank you in the morning. If you want to personalize the gifts, go ahead and slap a photo of you and your girl on the bags. I personally like these adorable “Perfect Blend” and “Romantic Roast” labels.

Centerpiece turned party favor

Instead of using one plain glass vase for centerpiece flowers, invest in a bunch of unique decorative bud vases that can do double duty as wedding favors. Pick a single color and one type of flower for a streamlined look, or mix it up with colorful vases and a variety of blooms for a more whimsical effect. Be sure to let guests know the vases are theirs to keep when the party is over.