New Music Tuesday: 6-21-2011

Oh my goodness, it’s the Tuesday before Pride weekend and I’m not ready for it all. If any of you are in Chicago and see a tipsy little tattooed lesbian on the street … well it’ll be hard to figure out if it’s me or not, but go up and say hello anyway, I’m sure whoever it is will appreciate it!

Making Friendz – Social Life (Last Bummer Records)

The top spot this week goes to gal pal Tami Hart, whose tunes are a cross of Rock ‘n Roll, electronic and R&B. It should go without saying, when you take this album out for a listen, pack a variety of dance moves. Oh, and if you want to get to know Tami, go back and read the interview we did for a little while back.

Natalie Walker – Spark (Dorado Records)

Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

How in the hell have I not heard of Natalie Walker before? On first listen, this album is fantastic! I can see this falling under the trip-hop genre but stopping there would be a huge mistake. Dreamy, sexy with dark undertones but a pop sensibility similar to Sarah McLachlan‘s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

Jill Scott – The Light of the Sun (Blues Babe Records)

Can we just get real here, Jill Scott is amazing. I celebrate pretty much everything she does, from acting to singing to the way she chews her gum – she does no wrong. Her poetry, the soul with which she sings those words: perfection. She makes me hungry for brunch.

Rubblebucket – Omega La La (Sin Duda Records)

Basically this band sounds like hipster kids playing in sprinklers on a hot summer day in friend’s suburban yard – drinking beers and not taking life too seriously. So basically, exactly how I want to spend 4th of July weekend. Indie-electro pop with a horn section.

Guano Apes – Bel Air (The End Records/Sony)

The band is back with their first album since 2006 and their funk metal – alt rock still holds up. I’m no expert on their past releases but songs like “When the Ships Arrive” make it seem as though they haven’t skipped a beat. Also, lead singer, Sandra Nasic, looks pretty fierce on the cover of their album.

Yacht – Shangri-La (DFA Records)

Disco-clash making me wish I had old school roller skates – which I would then use to choreograph a hot roller dance routine to their jam, “Dystopia,” and perform it along the beach path wearing my blue bicycle hat, jorts and a tank top (in an ideal world, I would look good in jorts and a tank top). Some songs take a listen or two to get into (“Holy Roller” I’m looking at you), but in general, something to get you pumped on summer.

Also, make sure you check out the EP Yes Sir from lady lover Jen Grygiel, who will be selling her freshly pressed CDs at an “It Gets Better” benefit concert in Cambridge, MA this Thursday. Event details are on Facebook.

Honorable Mentions: Bon Iver, Matt Nathanson, SkrillexButcher the Bar, Attack! Attack!, Crossfade, Ellwood, The Head, Is Tropical, LMFAO, Night Ranger (wow), Miracle Parade, Japanese Pop Stars, Pitbull, Weird Al Yankovic, The Black Rabbits, Tally Hall.