Morning Brew – Wednesday, June 22: Santana won’t go back to boys on “Glee,” the “True Blood” women look pretty at the premiere

Morning all!

Let me start with this juicy tidbit, Glee fans. Ryan Murphy said he’s not sure what will happen with Santana and Brittany on the new season of Glee, but Santana is definitely gay for girls. He told TVLine:

The thing we’re not going to do is something I would feel is disingenuous — Santana being like, “Oh, I’m going to try sleeping with boys again.” No, Santana is now officially a lesbian and will be dealing with that as Kurt did [his own sexuality]. Brittany with a coupla wine coolers in her is good to go, so never say never. But we haven’t really [worked out] that story. All I can say is we will be true to Santana’s sexual orientation.

I’m sure that makes some of you happy and some of you screaming mad. But Santana will hopefully find love with some deserving lady this year.

How good do these Gay Pride cupcakes look? Too good to eat? Almost. They’re from Magnolia Bakery in NYC, where I would live if they let me.

The True Blood premiere party went down in Los Angeles last night and the show’s stars were looking super fierce.

Whose look do you like the best?

Kreayshawn explained her “occasional but not raging” lesbian status to The San Francisco Bay Guardian in their new queer issue.

I say occasional because I go with the flow. Sometimes I tell my friends I’m asexual because I don’t feel like I seek out guys or girls. A girl and I could start talking and I could think, “Hey, she’s cool, we should be friends” or I could think “This girl is hot, we should hang out on another kind of hype.” And it’s the same with guys. … It’s not like I say I’m gonna eat this girl’s koochie — it’s on a different hype.

She also said she doesn’t surround herself with homophobes, and that she doesn’t think Odd Future rappers like Tyler the Creator are anti-gay. If you say so, Kreay Kreay.

Amber Heard is hard at work on her new film, Syrup, with Shiloh Fernandez. She was photographed on set in NYC and she didn’t seem to mind.

Rachel Bilson could possibly return for another guest stint How I Met Your Mother, and I’m all for that since her character is a lesbian now. Executive producer Craig Thomas told TVLine:

She’s still the roommate of the mother from the title of the series. We didn’t establish her lightly. We definitely intend to show how she’s part of Ted’s link to finding the mother.

I like how you think, Craig Thomas.

Last night on The Voice, out contestant Vicci Martinez won America’s vote to move on to the finals, which means we officially have two lesbians in the top 8! Vicci performed “Dog Days Are Over” while Beverly McClellan took on “The Thrill is Gone.”

Tune in to the results show tonight to see if they make it.



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