Morning Brew – Monday, August 1: Cartoon Network goes gender bending, Lea Michele gets cartooned

Good morning, Brewbies! It’s an exciting week here at! Trish Bendix is at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, which means she’ll be bringing you live scoop on all of your favorite shows all week long! It also means Trish is going to be hanging out with some of our favorite actors and writers and showrunners, so stick around for breaking news, lesbian insight into fall programming and all kinds of interviews!

JustJared was on the purple carpet at the Wired Cafe party at Comic-Con last week, where they caught up with True Blood’s newest gay-for-pay lady, Rutina Wesley.

A lot of drama, eh Rutina? Well, according to The Real L Word, that is, in fact, the way we live and love.

Another fun tidbit leftover from Comic-Con is the first look at a cartoon-ed Lea Michele from her upcoming animated musical Dorothy of Oz.

According to MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog:

Based on the novel by Roger Stanton Baum—the great-grandson of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum—”Dorothy of Oz” picks up right where the classic tale ends, with Dorothy returning to a deeply damaged Kansas (thanks to that darn tornado!). But she isn’t home for long before she’s magically transported back to Oz, where things aren’t so great either. Her friends the Scarecrow, Tin Man and (formerly Cowardly) Lion have all disappeared, and she must find them.

I kind of always imagined Lea as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, actually. But she’s cuuuute as Dorothy, too.

More animation? OK, more animation! Cartoon Network’s newest hit show is the internet phenomenon Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. It’s about a boy (Finn) and his dog (Jake) who go on surreal adventures in every episode. (It’s hella grown-up funny.) For months, the internet has been whispering that Adventure Time was working on a gender-swap episode, and now it has finally been confirmed. On September 5th, Finn and Jake will become Fiona and Cake. Bonus queer points for Neil Patrick Harris being the voice of Prince Gumball!

My favorite lines from the teaser clip is “Out of my way, tom boy!”

Last week we got our first peek at DC’s Wonder Woman relaunch. The single page from Wonder Woman #1 gives us plenty to talk about. For one thing, Wonder Woman’s new pants are, apparently, retractable. For another thing, she’s looking a lot less provocative than some of DC’s other redesigned women, like, say, Harley Quinn. And, of course, she’s saving a half-naked lesbian.

Do you remember openly gay, 15-year-old Danish X-Factor winner, Sarah? She’s getting ready to release her first album, and you can take a peek at her first music video below.

Lady Gaga is co-hosting The View today, which is something I’ve never known I always wanted to see.

Another thing I want to see is you, back here, tomorrow. Happy Monday and Happy August!