Afternoon Delight: Lesbian TV drama causes a stir in South Korea, Marion Cotillard in “Elle”

Good afternoon!

Happy 30th birthday to D.E.B.S. actress Meagan Good. And happy belated birthday to out DJ Samantha Ronson and actress Charlize Theron.  Ronson (34) and Theron (36) both celebrated their birthdays on Sunday, August 7.

Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch is currently writing and preparing for her September Emmy hosting stint.  Sorry Sue Sylvester fans, Lynch will not be conjuring up the crazy cheerleading coach during the award show. Instead Lynch will just be playing herself. Good, I love me some Jane Lynch! Lynch tells The L.A. Times, “It’s definitely going to be more me than Sue Sylvester. In fact, if Sue were hosting, I don’t think many people would watch it, because a little of Sue goes a long way.”

The scene-stealing Lynch also revealed that she nervous about the hosting gig. Lynch said, “I’m absolutely nervous — but I think it’s the perfect cocktail of fear and excitement. I’m really glad I hosted Saturday Night Live last fall, because it’s the same skill set — it’s live, and it’s jumping out there in spite of the nerves.” I’m sure Lynch will be brilliant!

The Dark Knight Rises Marion Cotillard is on the cover of the September issue of the French edition of Elle magazine. The 35-year-old Academy Award-winning actress is featured in a 17-page spread looking magnificent, as always. Wait, only 17 pages of Cotillard? Why so stingy?

South Korea’s first lesbian drama is causing some serious, well, drama. The KBS show Daughters of Club Bilitis premiered on August 7 and immediately received backlash from viewers. The show focuses on the lives of three lesbian couples; a 50-year old couple, a 30-year old couple and two high schoolers in love.

The show aired at midnight aiming for a mature (age 19 and older) audience but, some citizens spewed hate all over the show’s messages boards. Some of the comments included: “KBS needs to wake up from this illusion. This will negatively influence the youth … This drama is a crime against humanity.” Crime against humanity? It would be a crime against humanity if the media did not showcase a diverse group of people. We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!

This Thursday, August 11, lesbian comedians Jennie McNulty (Walking Funny with …) and Suzanne Westenhoefer will be taking the stage at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club at 8 p.m. Also on Thursday, The Help’s Emma Stone will be stopping by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, lesbian comedian Fortune Feimster will be on E’s Chelsea Lately and feminist and LGBT activist Gloria Steinem will be appearing on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report. (I’ll be tuning in for that!)

Lesbian/Bi Video of the Day:

Out athlete Diana Nyad currently holds the record for the World’s longest ocean swim but 61-year old Nyad is not stopping there. Last night Nyad started her second attempt to swim from Havana Cuba to Key West, Florida. The 103-mile swim will take approximately 60 hours and Nyad has refused to swim in a shark cage. Yes, she’s intentionally swimming in shark-infested waters. I get it Nyad, you’re better than me. You’re better than all of us!

If Nyad completes her mission she’ll be arriving in Florida in the next few days and you can track her progress on Twitter. Is she swimming with a waterproof laptop?


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