Morning Brew – Tuesday, August 9: Jane Lynch cut from “Glee: 3D,” Allison Janney was almost a lesbian alien

Good morning, Brewbies! Tuesday mornings are one of my favorite mornings because Tuesday mornings lead to Tuesday nights and Tuesday nights lead to Pretty Little Liars. This week, they’re shooting the winter premiere in Rosewood, and yesterday, director Norman Buckley tweeted a few photos from the set.

Congrats on your Teen Choice Awards, you guys!

Yesterday afternoon, the internet was all atwitter (hee!) about Jane Lynch being cut from Glee: The Ultimate Megafilm in 3D. For some reason — maybe because I’m punchy this early in the morning — Moviline’s report of the press screening cracked me up:

When asked why Jane Lynch appeared in the film’s trailer and not the actual movie, the entire panel responded with a surprised, “What?!”

Actually, their full post about the panel is a hoot. Everyone — including Heather Morris — wants their character to make out with Dianna Agron. At some point during their summer concert, even the 3D camera tried to get into Agron’s pants. (Maybe because she’s flawless?)

(Oh, and Ryan Murphy says Lynch will make the DVD cut of the film.)

The CW has announced a collaborative documentary between Jean Paul Gaultier and Lady Gaga. On September 12th — just in time for fashion week — they will air Gaga by Gaultier. According to Rolling Stone:

Gaga by Gaultier takes place in the designer’s Paris studio, and as expected, presents a dialogue between Gaga and Gaultier on all things fashion – specifically, how it can transcend itself as mere clothing to become a powerful form of visual art and expression, and how the singer uses that power to communicate ideas to her “Little Monsters.”

The trailer for the documentary skirts the edge of an SNL parody, to be honest. Especially the nun-getting-spanked-by-a-priest thing.

Janina Gavanka is the most recent True Blood cast member to release an It Gets Better video. She’s got a stern word or two for the Mean Girls of the world. (I approve!)

In a new interview, Allison Janney says that when she was trying to break into the industry 30 years ago, people kept telling her she was too tall. How tall? Oh, you know:

I was trying to get someone to represent me at the time, and I kept getting met by people who would say stupid things, because I was so tall. So [a manager in New York City] said: “What are you going to get cast as? Lesbians and aliens — that’s the only thing I can think of.”

Um, and the White House Press Secretary on the greatest drama of all time. And anyway, how is that height problem even a thing? Was there a time in Hollywood when tall people were typecast as gay ladies? I’m pretty sure I know every movie/TV that has ever featured a lesbian character and “giant” doesn’t seem to be a recurring factor in lesbianism (in real life or on-screen). 

1 girl 5 gays is getting ready to shoot a four-episode special that will include Aliya Jasmine and a panel of five lesbians. If you’d like to be considered for their panel, all you have to do is make a one-minute video introducing yourself and send it to MTV! Check them out on Facebook for more details.

Yesterday, Lionsgate released the first two stills Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss from The Hunger Games. A lot of people had a lot of feelings when she was cast as the plucky heroine, but she looks brilliant to me.

We’ve got lots of goodies for you today, including recaps of All My Children and Rizzoli & Isles, so stay tuned!