Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Stonefield, Janet Jackson, Y La Bamba and more

Hello everyone! I’m not gonna lie, today is all about the soft, soothing music for me thanks to a work outing that went a little late and went a lot too beery. I apologize for being absent last week but gearing up for Lollapalooza really took all my time away from me. I have to say, I went to see An Horse and was blown away by the lack of lesbians in the audience and the large amount of straight men. Ladies, where were you?

Janet Jackson

File Under: Going from soulful and sexy to dancey and sexy, classic
From: Indiana
For Fans of: Reinventing yourself, Faith Evans, jams jams jams, Madonna, Michael Jackson’s post-Thriller albums, Kylie Minogue, Kelis, flirtation, John Singleton movies, when Oprah would bring out her inner funk during musical performances from her guests.
Bonus: Janet, Ms. Jackson if ya nasty, is an artist with a varied and very long list of hits. Do yourself a favor and if you don’t already own her album, Janet., go out and get it now. Actually, add Control and The Velvet Rope to your shopping cart too. Also, check out her great PSA for the Trevor Project. Gotta love her.


File Under: Classic rock instrumentals and interesting vocals that are, very interestingly, young sounding and super soulful.
From: Australia
For Fans of: Styx, Heart, jean jackets, The Doors, Peter Cetera, Paul Green’s School of Rock, Land of Talk, Led Zeppelin, vinyl, vintage clothing, Dazed and Confused 
Bonus: Um, the lead singer is also the drummer. That is seriously badass. Also, they’ve been doing this since before they were teenagers. A huge, virtual high-five to Adri.614 for sending me a note about them. Check this out and try not to pee your pants:

Black Water Rising by stonefield

Y La Bamba

File Under: Indie folk, weird-core
From: Portland
For Fans of: Lovers, Abbe May, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Sea of Bees, if Warpaint and Coco Rosie had a baby, mismatched socks as a fashion choice, making your own jewelry
Bonus: Their label, Tender Loving Empire, is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I actually found out about the band from watching their Tiny Desk Concert on NPR and was immediately like, “Oh, who’s that cute girl?”

Y La Bamba – “Juniper” by terrorbird


File Under: R&B, soul (seriously … like, really good too)
From: Poland
For Fans of: Joss Stone, Maxwell, Jill Scott, Ashley Clark, steppin’ (the slowish dance that came from Chicago), Bridget Lyons, Angela Bassett’s entire movie catalogue, jazz clubs, En Vogue, cocktail dresses, summer shandy
Bonus: Thanks to my pal, Natalia, for the suggestion! I mean who would have thought this voice comes out of this girl? Apparently Natu has also performed with Kool and the Gang, which I find utterly awesome. I couldn’t find anything of hers on Soundcloud so I guess you’ll have to check out her video for “Gwiazdy.

Nouvelle Vague

File Under: Cover songs done awesomely in bossa-nova style with a side of French sweetness
From: France
For Fans of: A much more toned down Morcheeba, Feist, Belle & Sebastian, crème fraiche, gondola rides, petite people, naps, Air, not taking things too seriously, crepes, tiny amounts of rich foods
Bonus: What more bonus do you need? They give you cute variations to great punk and new wave songs. By the way, this is a pretty good one for mix tapes (it’s been on a few of my own):

Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love by larydarrel

That’s all for this week but feel free to drop me a message with your suggestion or you can even send me a Tweet!