Morning Brew – Friday, August 12: Jane Lynch is stunning in her first Emmy promo, Bert and Ernie won’t say “I do”

It’s Friday; we made it!

Nothing like starting off your morning with a hot cup of coffee and the first Emmy promo featuring Jane Lynch looking like a goddess.

I am so, so glad to see that she’s not wearing her Sue Sylvester tracksuit.

Speaking of Emmys and visibility, is reporting that Kalinda is going to get a new spouse on this season on The Good Wife — a work spouse, that is. Says executive producer Robert King:

There will be a bonding between Kalinda and Eli Gold. Eli’s in-house now [at Lockhart Gardner] and he needs an investigator at times. So they form an interesting friendship. We realized when we were [mapping out the season] that they never even had a scene together. What’s fun about the show is you get to mix different relationship cocktails. And there just seemed to be something right about Archie and Alan and the way that they would be drawn together.

As you probably know by now, a Facebook petition calling for Bert and Ernie’s marriage on Sesame Street has been making the rounds on the internet. But yesterday the show stepped in to say that while Bert and Ernie are lifelong best friends, they’re puppets; therefore, they don’t have a sexual orientation. So no, they won’t be getting married. 

Tell that to Avenue Q’s Rod and Rickey who were married in New York the first day same-sex couples were allowed to wed!

For a show that hasn’t even aired its pilot episode yet, people sure to have a lot to say about Amber Heard’s The Playboy Club. When New York Magazine asked The Good Wife’s Christine Baranski about sexism in Hollywood, she went right for The Playboy Club and the forthcoming stewardess drama Pan-Am:

Believe me, being in the acting profession you see the worst and the best of [sexism]. I’m rather appalled that they’re now making television shows about Playboy bunnies and stewardesses, and I think, really? Haven’t we gone past that, well past that? It’s one of the reasons I’m so happy to be on such an intelligent show that portrays women as complex, intelligent, educated human beings. But the battle continues. I had the pleasure of raising two daughters, and thanks to women like Gloria Steinem I insisted first and foremost that they get a great education and that they not just rely on their beauty.

I’m actually really interested to see how our staff and readers are going to respond to The Playboy Club once we see it. I have a suspicion that most of us are only willing to give it a go because Amber Heard is in it. I could be wrong, of course. It’s happened once or twice.

Now let’s kick off your weekend off with some super good news. Remember the all-women comic book anthology I told you about last week? Womanthology? They were trying to raise $25,000 to create a female-written, female-drawn, female-lettered, and female-colored book of female heroes. Well, guess what? They raised four times that much, bringing in $109,000 for their project. The surplus funds raised “will go towards other projects and initiatives to help nurture and support women and girls breaking into the comic book industry.” 

Are you listening, Marvel and D.C.? 

Have a gorgeous weekend. The lovely Trish Bendix will be back with you on Monday.