New Music Tuesday: 9-27-2011

Happy Tuesday folks! I have a lot on my plate today so it’ll be a condensed version of New Music Tuesday. I blame it on my desperate attempt to create an animated boob gif that never came out the way I wanted it to. You win some you lose some.

Extra ClassicYour Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam (Manimal)

I feel as though San Fransisco-based Extra Classic was able to put out with a reggae-inspired album the way Blondie did earlier this year, but in a more successful way. This is totally laid back and as their song “You Can’t Bring Me Down,” suggests, it’s hard to have too many worries when you pop this in. Here’s a free download of the aforementioned jam, “You Can’t Bring Me Down”.

Congo Rebel by Extra Classic

Nikki LaneWalk of Shame (IAMSOUND)

Somebody please make a Kitty, Daisy & Lewis & Nikki Lane co-headlining tour happen. Both acts excel at paying homage to artists from the past with sparse production that still puts out a big sound. Lane has an alt-country, “coal-miner’s daughter” type of vibe that differentiates her from some of the other throwback artists today and I dig it.

Gone, Gone, Gone by Nikki Lane


LeAnn Rimes – Lady and Gentlemen (Curb Records)

To be fair to this review, I should say up front that I’m not a fan of LeAnn mostly based on her tabloid exploits, but also because I hated the movie Coyote Ugly and her song “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” always makes me think of it. I know, I know, sometimes I’m a bad lesbian. As a singer, her voice is fine, her music just doesn’t do it for me and I guess I’m really picky when it comes to country.


Lydia Loveless – Indestructible Machine (Bloodshot Records)

Here is another alt-country throwback artist whose music I find infinitely more interesting than pop-country. Loveless is just a young’n in her early twenties, but her songs are full of complexity and damn it if the banjo isn’t totally rockin’!

Lydia Loveless – Do Right by Suburban Home Records


Pieta Brown – Mercury (Red House Records)

What the heck is up with all of these bluesy, country albums today? Of all the albums listed so far, Brown’s is not necessarily the most indie-friendly but it’s the one with the least amount of twang.  Her voice is soft, the guitar parts are mostly slow and I could definitely put this on in the background when it’s time to get under the covers for a nice Saturday-afternoon nap.

Mercury by Pieta Brown – with Bo Ramsey by leefarer


Syleena Johnson – Chapter V: Underrated (Shanachie Ent. Corp)

Chicago’s own Syleena Johnson has some strong R&B jams on her latest release. If she was underrated before, I don’t think it will be for much longer! 

02 A Boss by Cornerstone Agency


Twin Sister – In Heaven (Domino Recording Co Ltd)

This has the elements of electropop, dreampop and a bit of funk R&B grooves. I dig it! Singer Andrea Estella has a voice that is as familiar as it is unusual. This will not be for everyone but I’m convinced the lovers will be putting it on year-end best-of lists.

Twin Sister – Bad Street by DominoRecordCo


That’s all for this week. Let me know if I’ve missed anything (which, is totally possible) in which case I’ll try to do them justice in the near future.

Honorable Mentions: Gloria Estefan, Teneia Sanders, Mekons, Sarah Siskind, Dominant Legs, The Knux, Spank Rock, Blink-182, Apparat, Mastodon, Frankmusik, Dum Dum Girls, Carolina Liar, Lewis Black, Daryl Hall, Wilco, Switchfoot, J Cole, Frankmusik,