Styled Out: Around the world in fashion

There’s a lot going on in the world o’ fashion this week. Let’s dig in!

Milan’s Fashion Week has brought more than just a slew of new clothes for us to ogle. It’s also brought Lindsay Lohan back into yet another photo shoot. (I’m starting to wonder if that’s all she’s good for these days.) Word on the street is that Lohan had little knowledge of what she would even be sporting for the campaign but took care of business on infamous Lake Como. I’m anxious to get a glimpse just to see how it all turns out, and in the meantime, I heard through the grapevine that it’s some kind of little black number complete with spikes. Hold on to your hats, kids.

Speaking of vague details, there’s a rumor spreading that Kate Middleton might soon be gracing the cover of Vogue! Eeee! That’s super exciting news for me; if you don’t remember, I have a huge straight crush on Kate. I would love to read the editorial piece that would inevitably accompany a gorgeous spread. Here’s to hoping!

I love to hate/hate to love Kanye West (no homo). Apparently he’s taking his hand at creating a line and it will be debuting this weekend at Paris Fashion Week. I’m not going to knock it before I’ve seen it but I don’t really have high hopes for threaded brilliance. Imma let you finish.

I can’t help it: I LOL’d so hard when I saw that Johnny Weir (amongst others) was the brain behind the show Fashion on Ice. Yeah, yeah, Aretha Franklin was there — whatever. Just because there’s a shred of taste thrown into the mix doesn’t automatically knock it up to the caliber that the rest of the fashion world is focused on right now. It also doesn’t help that I just can’t take Johnny Weir seriously in regards to anything style-related. Did we all forget about the awesome/horrific “Poker Face” routine? That’s what I thought. Designer Betsey Johnson is also part of the event, and has recorded some video blogs for the big show.


Who’s knocking your socks off this week?