Styled Out: Portia de Rossi’s passion for fashion

This week, we put the spotlight on Portia de Rossi. I mean, really — with all of the wonderful wooliness that autumn brings, it should naturally segue us into a showcase of all of the streamlined style that is encompassed in good old PDR — errr PDG!

Case in point: The actress even looks good when she’s seemingly not even trying. Way to rock the sweater and leggings in a somehow refreshed fashion, girl. I like this sweater by Sleeping on Snow for a similar look.

AfterEllen Managing Editor Trish Bendix is a big fan of the way Portia mixes naughty with nice. She particularly likes when she pairs an older, grittier T-shirt with a more demure tartan style skirt. I like the doing the same but with floral prints. If you’re with me, check this out.

I am forever a fan of Portia’s hair. Yes, she is invariably always in the realm of blonde, but she alters it in a way that is ever so slight and always soft and oozing with class. Sometimes it’s a touch more pale, occasionally she’ll opt for a more golden tone, but it’s always gorgeous. I adore her hair so much, I even used it as inspiration for my wedding day hair a couple of months ago. True story.

I even like her when she’s pushing the envelope and embracing her more dyke-a-licious side. Like any good lesbian, Portia knows that you can dress anything up with a snappy jacket like this one.

So, how do you like your Portia?