Styled Out: Last minute Halloween costumes

Hey-O! It’s almost Halloween! Everyone will likely be getting their costume party on this Friday or Saturday since the big day inconveniently lands on a Monday this year. Are you prepared? If not, it’s a darn good thing that you clicked on this column today.

A lot of thrift stores are stepping up their game (especially in my city of residence, Seattle) and are sectioning off entire rows specifically set up with garments that their staff sees fit to use for Halloween costumes. Here you’ll find a lot of crappy pre-packaged kind of stuff (you know, Sorcerer, slutty witch, Dora the Explorer), among other things. If you’re really in a pinch, I say go for it. You might stumble upon something halfway decent, like an old pink prom dress. Then you could replicate Becky in that classic episode of Roseanne in which she is a half gorgeous, half dead prom queen! Brilliance.

Another costume that is relatively easy to compile from wears of old in the aisles of a second hand store is Margot Tenenbaum. I like it when I see a Margot out on the town because it’s a reference not everyone will “get” necessarily, but it’s definitely a good one. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to wear a fur jacket (you’ll be warm), smoke cigarettes and buy awesome barrettes.

Need a thrift inspired costume for a duo? What about the Blues Brothers? There is no shortage of ’80s black suits on any given day in the land of yesterdays, and the tie selection is usually pretty large and in charge, too.

My favorite idea for pregnant broads is to get a cardboard box, paint it to look like an oven and then make your stomach look like a bun. I mean, really! It’s a dirty shame that I wasn’t able to convince my sister to do it when she was eight months along. She ended up being a pregnant nun which, let’s face it, is pretty hilarious but you only get the bun in the oven opportunity once or twice, people!

What have you thrown together this year?

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