Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Bleached, La Femme and more!

Hello party people! I’m in a terrible mood today due to some freak of nature continuing to open fraudulent accounts up in my name and companies that continue to let these accounts get opened even while I have fraud flags posted on all of my accounts. I am seriously one call away from verbally cutting a bitch.

I was going to make all of today’s recommendations a bunch of angry metal artists but then realized if I did that, the terrorists would win. So instead, I’ll bring you my usual mix of musicians.


File Under: Fun timey garage rock from sisters and former members of Mika Miko

From: L.A.

For Fans of: Best Coast, the Making Friendz song “Situation,” The Ramones, jean jackets with buttons, longboards, Polaroids, bonfires, Detroit Cobras, Vivian Girls, playing rough, bed head, late night diners, grilled cheese.

Bonus: The sisters have a new single coming out in December and a cute new music video out featuring members of the band No Age. Also, while it’s sad that their former band broke up, you should definitely check out some of their music if you’re into art-punk. Good stuff.

Bleached, “Think of You” by The FADER


La Femme

File Under: Psychedelic surf pop

From: France

For Fans of: James Bond babes, a weird mix of We Are Enfant Terrible and Electrelane, pulp fiction book covers, Alice the maid from The Brady Bunch, spy kits, The Drums, black turtlenecks, 

Bonus: Just for being super, here is a free download of their song, “Sur La Planche.” For some reason I’ve been holding off on posting about them but think the universe had it all planned out since their first US EP is set to drop in December.

La Femme – “La Femme Ressort” by vinylandvodka

Caithlin De Marrais

File Under: Softly-sung indie singer-songwriter

From: NYC (but I think Wisconsin originally)

For Fans of: Ida, Tara Jane O’Neil, Conor Oberst, Bon Iver, history and philosophy books, cable-knit sweaters, Nalgene bottles to hold your tea as it seeps, Jejune, sexy but still nerdy librarians, moleskin notebooks.

Bonus: You may recognize Caithlin from her days as front-woman and bassist of former indie darlings Rainer Maria. Caithlin’s second solo album, Red Coats (Polyvinyl), will be coming out in November.

Caithlin De Marrais – Sorry by Polyvinyl Records


File Under: Sexy synth pop, new wave electro

From: Greece

For Fans of: Ladytron, Parralox, New Order, Client, sharp angles, industrial buildings, toys from Rotofugi, dark sunglasses, red lipstick and knee-high boots, robots (sexy ones, not the R2-D2 or C-3PO variety), hair products by Tigi.

Bonus: I love their animated video for “Breakthrough” which features a new way of thinking about the “Little Red Riding Hood” story. Very, very cute, even with grandma being eaten.

Marsheaux – Breakthrough by undorecords


File Under: Dance pop blast from the point of no return

From: NYC

For Fans of: Lisa Lisa, Paula Abdul, Madonna, Lisette Melendez (and if you know who she is, I love you), Debbie Deb, Starter jackets, leggings, Pebbles, Cathy Dennis, doing the “Kid ‘n Play” and “Cabbage Patch,” scrunchies, Teen Witch, reminiscing about French rolling your jeans, Caboodles.

Bonus: Oh man, this group automatically turns my mood around and takes me to my happy place. The trio rebanded in 2006 and are keeping fans happy with live shows. I just read on their site that they’re thinking about throwing a party/concert in New York this December. I’ll be setting up a Paypal account now if any of you want to donate to get my over there.

Point Of No Return by Exposé

Before I go, I just got some awesome news from Men bassist and woman behind Making Friendz, Tami Hart, saying she just released some old acoustic jams which can all be streamed over at her Soundcloud page. Tami was just voted “Best Reinvented Folk Rocker” by the Village Voice and will be playing at Glasslands November 20th with favorites, Lovers, and Des Ark. Again, maybe I need to make an extended stay in New York in the near future.

That’s it for this week but you can always follow me on Twitter, Facebook and now Spotify. Until next time, I’ll continue keepin’ it real.