Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Sheryl Crow, Elisa B and more!

Hello dear friends and readers! I must admit, it has been a crappy couple of weeks for me and I’m not sure when the suck is going to end. I have to say though, some of today’s featured artists have helped me get through some of the pain thanks to their songs. Seriously kids, those commercial jingles may make you want to ram a screwdriver through your ear, but heed my advice and stay on top of your credit. </endrant>

Sheryl Crow (specifically The Globe Sessions)

File Under: One of the best albums I’ve ever owned, put away, then rediscovered just in the nick of time. Songs both happy and excruciatingly sad and best listened to when you can sing along at the top of your lungs.

From: Missouri

For Fans of: Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin, Alanis Morrisette’s “Uninvited,” The Civil Wars, Joan Osbourne, sad drunken karaoke nights with friends (and hopefully someone who can get you home safely), bad relationship decisions, Southern hospitality, the Blues.

Bonus: I haven’t seen Crow up close and personal but, to me, it seems as though she hasn’t aged a bit. Seriously, she is just as gorgeous as the first time I saw her video for “All I Wanna Do.” The singer and breast cancer survivor also gives her time and money helping to support several incredible charities.

Susan Surftone

File Under: ’60s surf-rocking sounds making you crave hanging 10 — or, at the very least, watch an old surfing movie.

From: New York

For Fans of: Gidget, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello movies but mostly Back to the Beach because it’s a classic, surfing, when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii and found the cursed tiki statue, The Monkeys, guitar-driven smooth rock anthems.

Bonus: Susan has been doing her surf-rock thang literally since the ’60. As a lesson to any parents or future parents reading this: Even while times were different back in the ’60s and girls’ dreams were often limited to what society deemed appropriate, Susan’s parents not only encouraged her to pursue her passion for making music, they bought her the guitar with which she chased her dreams.

Lucy Rose

File Under: Indie-pop, singer-songwriter, backup vocalist for Bombay Bicycle Club

From: England

For Fans of: Feist (big time), Grace Woodroofe, Sade, Widowspeak, handmade birthday cards, Beth Orton, Cat Power, dimly lit reading spaces, kittens, First Aid Kit, Kate Nash, popsicles.

Bonus: Thank you to AfterEllen reader High Fidelity for the recommendation! Lucy Rose is giving away two free songs for you to download because she is just that sweet.

Lucy Rose – Scar by Lucy Rose

Elisa Bee

File Under: DJ with dance-lounge, house and progressive beats

From: Italy

For Fans of: Hot Chip without vocals, Diplo, A-Trak, Felix Da Housecat, Carl Cox, clubs, MNDR, Sneaker Freaker magazine, making friends with the strangers you dance with, going to bed when the sun comes up, America’s Best Dance Crew (without Mario Lopez), fingerless neon fishnet gloves.

Bonus: Elisa is not only a beat aficionado, she also has an architecture degree. Que bellisima!

Back to the City by Elisa Bee


File Under: Psychedelic soul alterna-rap

From: South Carolina

For Fans of: Janelle Monáe, Outkast, Idle Warship, Erykah Badu, swag, combining the best of all worlds, V.V. Brown, Gregory Hines movies, dark purple shades as an accent color, bubble baths, getting dressed up to go out on the town.

Bonus: My musical doppelgänger and frequent contributor to my music collection (and yours by default), Adri, passed this suggestion to me a while ago and I’m sorry I didn’t share it with you sooner!

Titanic by Nikkiya

That’s it for this week but you can feel free to follow along with my identity theft drama via my Twitter stream and Facebook until next week and hopefully I’ll have happier updates to share as well such as my dogs being featured in the annual Well That’s Adorable Halloween costume contest.