Styled Out: Braving the cold

Oh. My. God. It is so cold outside! If you live anyplace where it happens to get a little chilly (or downright freezing) in the world, you’re likely experiencing the bitch slap of cold that I am. What a way to make an entrance, winter! Geez!

I’m going to Europe next week (hooray!) and the first stop is Scotland, a cold and damp wonderland if there ever was one, and it inspired the purchase of this little number. Not only will it keep me warm and dry to the maximum while I’m hunting down the Loch Ness monster and whatnot, it will serve me well when I return to Seattle. Boo ya!

I like this one by Merrell. The material is 100% waterproof but doesn’t look boring or too technical. The jacket I purchased actually almost looks woolly in person.

I lose my gloves every year (a tragedy), so I never spend too much on them. I also like a good fingerless glove find, mostly because I don’t need to go to crazy in the Pacific Northwest with shielding my fingers from sub zero temps and that particular style makes it much easier to function whilst riding the bus, texting, etc. I love these by XMittens. You could also create a pair of your own if you’re feeling especially handy.

OK, so you probably need a hat at this point. Have no fear; I have advice coming from every direction this week! So, guess who really knows what they’re doing when it comes to preventing frostbite? That’s right, the folks at Farm & Fleet. They aren’t f—ing around, people! Besides, a hat from a place like this adds a touch of industrial sharpness to your cold weather ensemble and comes in way under budget. Get at it.

K, so you’re all set except for boots. Lucky for you I was Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween this year and basically had the most epic search for moon boots that I could have ever imagined possible. Fortunately, I found some suited to the costume at the discount store Ross but along the way I found a lot of other boots via the interweb that weren’t appropriate for this occasion; perhaps you’ll like them. These are what updated moon boots look like.

They are apparently awesome for keeping our snow and cold, so if this is you’re predicament for the winter, look no further than Tecnica. They look serious.

Are you ready to brave the storm?