New Music Tuesday: 11-15-2011

Welcome back my friends! It’s Tuesday, so you know I’m frantically searching the whole of the internets to find as many albums coming out today as possible! There are some great albums listed in today’s Honorable Mentions, so make sure to check those out as well — in particular, Childish Gambino, who you may recognize as Community star, Donald Glover. He can weave intelligent rhymes together like woah.

EscortEscort (Escort Records)

The debut album from this Brooklyn-based ensemble is just what the doctor ordered to get me off my seat and get funky, which is why they take the top spot this week. Singer Adeline Michele has a smooth voice that rides the waves of the grooves her band plays behind her like a boss! This album is like taking a joy ride with a group of your favorite fun friends.

Selects by Escort Records

The DøBoth Ways Open Jaws (Siam ese Squids)

Today’s second spot goes to a band whose sound is all over the map in crazy but abundantly interesting ways. Singer, Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti, vocally reminds me of if Bjork had a nervous breakdown and decided to go folk all of a sudden. Instrumentally though, she and her musical partner, Dan Levy, blend roots, folk, electro, hip-hop, African drumming and more into the equation. One thing is for certain, it’s impossible to get bored while listening to them. Please check out their debut album, A Mouthful, as well. Great stuff.

Tammie by The Dø

Fay WolfSpiders (self-released)

Last week I neglected to include singer/songwriter Fay Wolf’s beautifully melodic piano-driven album. This is not what you listen to on a sunny day when all is right with the world – save it for when you’re in the mood to emote. If you think I’m kidding, I just realized she has shirts for sale that say, “Fay Wolf Made Me Cry.” Hilarious!

Easy (from forthcoming album Spiders) by Fay Wolf

Tegan and SaraGet Along
(Warner Brothers)

I rarely, if ever, include live albums in this column — but much like the out twin sisters transcend many other things in life, I’m making an exception in this column. Since this is a live album, the sound is very bare bones and shows off their musicianship as well as their natural singing abilities and great harmonies. This live album breathes new life in to some of my favorites from past albums.

The Puppini SistersHollywood (Verve Forecast)

The trio has made a charming album paying homage to songs from classic Hollywood films. While this isn’t what I would call “every day” music, their “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” voices would make a great soundtrack to a themed cocktail party or a great gift for your parents for the upcoming holidays.

The Puppini Sisters – Mr Sandman by librofilo

Laura PausiniInedito (Warner Music Italy)

The gorgeous Italian sings words I mostly can’t understand but the passion with which she sings and pop-balladry of her songs makes me feel like I get it. I would compare her to a more indie version of Celine Dion for American ears but without any of the pop culture jokes we make about Celine.

Honorable Mentions: Childish Gambino, Caveman, Los Campesinos!, Howie D (yes, from Backstreet Boys), Drake, Gym Class Heroes, Korallreven, Michael Kiwanuka, Wim, Slash, Carter Tanton, Glee Christmas Album, Nate Young, Man, Sigur Ros, O’Brother, Paul Simon, Rammstein, St. Lucia, The Fall, Pterodactyl and Tycho.

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