Styled Out: Designer news

Hi, hi! It’s so good to be back!

Guess what I found out just yesterday morning? Italian fashion label Marni will be taking their hand at creating a line for H&M.

I love a great deal, especially on items that will likely be in and out as quickly as the seasons change, so this was awesome news for me. It’s not debuting until March 2012, though, so keep your pants on until then! The line is going to be created for both masculine and feminine folks alike and is going to be a softer option, a contrast to the Versace collection we’ve been working with at H&M for fall and winter. Get pumped.

Hmmm, what else do I have to tell you? Oh, yeah, it has to do with Lady Gaga and Barneys New York — two of my favorite things! Did you know that Barneys Manhattan’s fifth floor has been transformed into a “monster” wonderland for the holiday season? Her Thanksgiving special must have put them over the edge. In case you were wondering, of course there’s a nod to Alexander McQueen amidst the magic. Check it out in person or online to snag limited edition biz by Gaga herself.

Let’s have a round of applause for British designer Vivienne Westwood for being a friend to punks as well as the environment. She’s gone wild with her efforts in saving endangered rainforests in South America and is urging everyone else to do so, too. I am a fan of people standing up and taking action (not to mention, you know, the earth), so for her, I will re-post the link for you to donate. Just click here.

What have you been spotting while I’ve been away?