Styled Out: Taking a page out of the Lez Look Book

What’s better than mentally dissecting and splicing all the dykes your pretty little eyes come across? Having someone make an illustrated diagram as to which category each broad potentially belongs! Behold, The Lez Look Book. I honor you, Kristin Smith!

The references seem to be San Francisco based but the definitions are almost all universal. Hell, maybe it’s a West Coast thing, but I know pretty much every girl listed on this thing.

There’s a lot of talk about vintage tees in this piece, so if you need one of your own to become a Tough Femme or even a Fag Dyke, look no further! I’m especially fond of the Mystery Girl because it’s a nod to one of my most favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ songs. They might not be authentic but at least they look like they are.

If you’re looking to accomplish the perfect Astro Dyke, take a look at this gal’s stuff. I mean, if you have to wear crystal earrings, you might as well look good doing it.

So, the Sustainability Dyke might not throw down for a lot, but I’m going to imagine that she would shell it out in order to own a pair of boots that are not only well constructed (you know, for years of wear and tear as not to waste) but that are stylish as well. Do you this she would like these? What about this pair?

What did you take away from this hilarious blog? Know of any of these ladies?