Styled Out: New Year’s looks we like

OMFG, does everyone have their panties in a twist over New Year’s Eve, or what? It’s always such a point of contention with folks. Like, do you make it a big deal or just roll with the punches and see what happens? Personally, my best have been when the latter has played out but what the H are you supposed to wear if you’re just trying to be a casual Cathy and see what the night brings? You still have to be dressed for whatever occasion might arise.

I am and will forever be a fan of the tuxedo T-shirt. It’s something that doesn’t even need an explanation and even if you happen to get a last minute invite to a more formal event, people will still think you are most the hilarious person of the night.

I like glitter. Do you like glitter? So wear something with sequins on it. I like this skirt by Karen Krane. Pair it with a solid pair of black tights and a more offbeat T-shirt like this one and you’re ready to go.

I favor a pair of heels with this look for an occasion like NYE, but you can do what you will with your own feet. If you’ll be more comfortable in a pair of flat Adidas like these, go ahead. I feel like that look is sort of becoming a thing so you’ll be one step ahead of the rest if you choose this route.

Sometimes New Year’s is a perfect excuse to just go balls to the wall for no good reason at all. So what if you’re just planning on going to your BFF Mary’s house for cocktails and a little Scrabble? Sometimes it’s nice to feel fancy. I like this blazer by J. Crew and it’s classic enough that you might get some use out of it for some other more formal affair later this year like one of those weddings that you know you’re going to be invited to in the coming year. Look at you being all prepared! I’m jeals.

What do your plans call for wardrobe-wise this New Year’s Eve?