Styled Out: Making all your sock dreams come true

Winter is the essential season for lesbians all across the world to bunker down, put on your best sweat pants, get it in big time with your significant or pals and watch a lot of sh–ty movies. My BFF recently had a shocking dilemma. Her wife didn’t approve of her sock choices. Gasp! The situation was quickly remedied, but do you know where to purchase the ultimate in tights and socks? They truly are in season.

I am a fan of Portland based Sock Dreams in a big way. When I first moved to the Pacific Northwest, I was psyched on getting to experience the store for myself. While it was adorable, the selection in their online shop is actually much better. It’s also tax free and they ship for free anywhere in the U.S. Plus, the logo is so early 90s Portland that I can’t even stand it.

When I first saw these puppet socks, I kind of couldn’t believe they were a real thing. While I’m still on the fence as to whether I need them or not, you can do what you will with the information. They are a conversation piece at the very least, for sure.

Everyone needs a few old standards amongst the more fun socks in life and I like the gray variety to suit that purpose. The color goes with most anything and is a cuter option than white or black in my opinion. I recently swooned over this pair,  with this pair from Top Shop coming in at a close second.

Honorable mentions include Smart Wool, a standard, and these by Antipast because not only are they on sale but they put the fun in functional.

Are you particular about your pieds? What are you wearing to keep warm?