Morning Brew – Friday, January 13: Margaret Cho fights back against tattoo critics, “Glee” prepares to make Brittana fans swoon

Happy Friday, Brewbies!

Last week Margaret Cho tweeted a photo of the new tattoos on her bum. The response was mostly positive (rightly so: her new art is gorgeous), but there were a couple of haters among the praisers, and Cho did not appreciate it. She tracked down the negative Twitter users, blocked them, and serenaded them with some choice words. And then she took to her blog to talk about why their comments had such a strong effect on her:

I fly my flag of self esteem for all those who have been told they were ugly and fat and hurt and shamed and violated and abused for the way they look and told time and time again that they were ‘different’ and therefore unlovable. Come to me and I will tell you and show you how beautiful and loved you are and you will see it and feel it and know it and then look in the mirror and truly believe it. If you are offended by my anger and my might at defending my borders and my people you do not deserve entry into my beloved and magnificent country.

I think you should give her whole post a read. It’s angry and insightful and, over at, it has prompted a thoughtful, intelligent discussion about self-esteem, abuse, and the power of internet vitriol.

A new study out of the Netherlands has confirmed that teenage children of lesbian parents enjoy the same quality of life — and, statistically, less “behavior problems” — as their peers who were raised by heterosexual parents. The study, “Quality of Life of Adolescents Raised From Birth by Lesbian Mothers,” analyzed 78 17-year olds who had been raised by a lesbian mother (or mothers) from birth. They compared their findings to a group of socio-economically similar teengers who had been raised by opposite-sex parents and found that “17-year-olds raised from birth by lesbian mothers are as happy as their peers.”

Yesterday TV Line’s Michael Ausiello did a (mostly) spoiler-free live-tweet session while watching the upcoming Glee episode “Yes/No.” Halfway though he dropped this little hint:

Which he expanded on in a TV Line post later in the afternoon:

Santana, Rachel, Mercedes and Tina sing “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and flash back to meeting their respective sweethearts, Brittany, Finn, Sam and Mike. (Britanna fans, prepare to hit the rewind button a lot.)

Fox has also released a behind-the-scenes peek at the Grease-themed episode:

The good folks over at Toweload let us know about The Battery Down’s solution to the The Tracy Morgan dilemma: “Make Tracy gay for a fabulous season six.”

That’s funny, but I’d really rather not have that guy on Team Gay.

Movieline is tired of hearing people say that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a box office bomb, so they’ve employed some — gasp! — facts to help temper the “lackluster!” mania.

I’m not exactly sure what kind of money that experts thought David Fincher’s 160-minute, hard-R-rated, unswervingly bleak adaptation of the bestselling novel was supposed to have made by now, but let’s look at the facts for a second: Through Tuesday, Dragon Tattoo has earned a little more than $79 million domestically. (In all likelihood it passed $80 million on Wednesday, but again — facts!) That would be $79 million in three weeks of release, the best showing ever for an R-rated December drama in that time frame. Or call it a thriller if you want; that still makes it second only to — wait for it — Scream 2.

Guess that’s why Sony is moving ahead with those sequels, huh?

Thank you for bearing with me for a full week of Brew, you guys. Trish Bendix will be back from TCA next week, and thank Sappho. Blogging before three cups of coffee is hard! Have a happy weekend!